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Probiotic News and Industry Trends – Expert Opinion

This news page is dedicated to covering the latest probiotic news, trends and expert advice. Stay tuned for new updates and probiotic news every week. Probiotics are the future and the reign of harmful chemicals is coming to a necessary end.

The annual production and release of chemicals into the environment has now outstripped the global capacity to cope. It’s time to reduce the burden.

19 January 2022

Constant scratching is a concern for many dog owners. This case study shows how our probiotic allergy-free spray improved red, sore and dry, itchy skin.

18 January 2022

80% of dogs and cats suffer from active dental disease. This case study shows how our probiotic dental spray reduces bad breath, tartar, inflamed gums.

13 January 2022

Joe Flanagan discusses the scope of probiotics in modern-day cleaning with Clean Middle East

11 January 2022

There may be a delay on dispatch for orders placed over the Christmas period due to all the bank holidays, plus we are closed on Weds 30th December.

21 December 2021

Unsure how to decide between probiotic or chemical cleaning products? Our simple checklist and infographic shows the differences at a glance.

17 December 2021

If you want to find out more about probiotics from an independent source, we recommend this article from NIH.

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