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Natural, Vegan Eco-Detergents for Your Environment
Safe and effective microbial cleaning – without chemicals

Commercial & Residential
Fitness & Wellness
Fitness & Wellness
Healthcare & Paramedical
Healthcare & Paramedical

Animal Care & Hygiene Products with a Vet’s Recommendation
For atopic allergies, dental, eye, ear and wound care and habitats


Air Purification & Probiotics for Air, Land & Water
Improves the living environment around you, indoors & outdoors

Ingenious Probiotic Air Dispenser
Air Dispensers
Ingenious High Grade Air Purification
Air Purification
Probiotic Land & Water Decontamination
Land & Water Decontamination

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Pet Care

Natural, Probiotic Pet Care & Hygiene Products with a Vet’s Recommendation…

  • Reduces bacterial infections
  • Reduces atopic allergies
  • Chemical-free & cruelty-free

Pure Ingenious News

Combining air purification with probiotics addresses post-Coronavirus challenges for enclosed environments such as cruise ships, offices, clinics and vets.

9 September 2020

An easy to use 3-step system of probiotic-enriched pet care and cleaning products that reduces skin allergy symptoms and triggers (atopic dermatitis) in dogs.

26 August 2020

Dogs can be prone to irritation from chemical shampoos. Natural shampoo with added good bacteria cleans without irritation and restores healthy skin.

20 August 2020

Hair, nail and beauty salon workers are exposed to a continual cocktail of harmful chemicals. Cleaning with probiotic eco-detergents reduces the risk.

19 August 2020

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Cruelty-Free & Vegan
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Recycled & Recyclable
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Sustainable & Responsible