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Provilan Probiotic Animal Care & Cleaning Products

Looking to reduce your exposure to environmental chemicals and bio-allergens? And protect the people and animals in your life? If so, you are in the right place!

Our Provilan probiotic cleaning and topical pet care products simply replace your everyday chemicals. These plant-sourced, healthy alternatives have added ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics) that enhance functions and benefits. Years of scientific development ensure they are safe for your well-being and the environment (unlike harsh chemicals). They even give you better hygiene results!

It’s time to break from the chains of archaic, damaging chemicals – so why not give probiotic versions a try? They are vegan certified, safe for indoor air and aquatic life… as well as hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Good hygiene is important, but you no longer need to destroy the microbiome to achieve it. Start your healthier lifestyle with probiotics today. Discover…

Animal Care & Hygiene Probiotic Products
Healthier Pet Care

Pet Care

Probiotic Cleaning Products


Aquatic Care & Hygiene Probiotic Products

Fish, Land & Water

Probiotic Cleaning Products

Indoor Air

Better for People, Pets, the Planet – but Don’t Take our Word for It! See What People are Saying:

We Won a NOVO Environment Award for Making the World a Better Place!

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How topical eye care probiotics and swapping chemicals for pet safe cleaning products promoted natural healing of Bella’s sore, infected eyelid.

13 September 2023

How the healthy good bacteria in probiotic odour removers remove the root source of smells without polluting indoor air with toxic chemicals.

24 July 2023

The sun is out and its time to enjoy life on the ocean wave! But are your water sports cleaning products safe for rivers, oceans and aquatic life?

27 June 2023

Our probiotic itchy dog relief pack combines probiotic pet care with pet safe cleaning to reduce environmental triggers of canine atopic allergies.

20 June 2023

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Discover the Provilan Solution for You

All ingredients are naturally-sourced and PETA-certified as vegan and cruelty-free with no harmful chemicals, toxins or artificial fragrances. There is no need for hazardous waste disposal. All ranges are hypo-allergenic and designed for sensitive skin. Proven to reduce harmful bacteria, odours and bio-allergens (pollen, dust mite poop) and eliminate organic waste and dirt. Eco-positive (supports the circular economy), with recyclable packaging made using ocean-recycled plastic.

Provilan Probiotic Products – Better for People, Pets & the Planet

Probiotic Pet Care & Hygiene
Solutions for atopic allergies, targeted care products for teeth, eyes, ears and wounds, sensitive shampoo and pet-safe kennel and carrier cleaners.

Natural Probiotic Pet Care


probiotics for horses and probiotics for farm animals

Horses & Farm Animals





Natural, Vegan Probiotic Cleaning Solutions
Safer, effective and non-corrosive bio-detergents with a longer lasting action that continues for up to three days.

Public Buildings
Fitness & Wellness
Fitness & Wellness

Better for Human, Animal & Environmental Health

  • Restores a healthy microbiome.
  • No toxins or carcinogens; safe for user health.
  • Lengthens recontamination times.
  • Effective against pathogens & bio-allergens.
  • Eliminates organic waste & odours.
  • Protects antibiotics; does not create superbugs.
  • Safe for discharge into waterways & for aquatic life.
  • Researched, tested, controlled.
Pet Care

What are Probiotic Cleaning Products?

Probiotic cleaning products are kinder on the environment and to health than chemical products. They reduce chemical pollution and contribute towards a circular economy.

Probiotic cleaners have added ‘good’ bacteria that simply colonise surfaces and outcompete the ‘bad’ bacteria that cause disease. The good bacteria consume the bad bacteria and take over the area. This is a powerful, natural process that does not cause antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and continues working for several days. This helps to protect the effectiveness of antibiotics.

If you are eco-conscious, probiotic cleaning products are for you. They are natural eco-detergents and the probiotics respect nature because they are part of nature.

Why Choose Provilan Probiotics?

Cleaning products powered by probiotics can replace harsh chemical cleaners for a wide range of cleaning duties. We have products available for commercial and home use.

For example, leisure centres use our probiotic cleaning products to wipe down weights and machines because they do not damage sensitive equipment. Homeowners use our cleaning sprays to restore a healthy and natural microflora balance in their homes. In both cases, these probiotic products replace chemical cleaners and are effective against viruses as well as harmful bacteria.

Our Provilan probiotic cleaning products are chemical, paraben and toxin-free, and they are scientifically proven to be safe (and beneficial) for people with allergies and asthma. If chemical cleaners irritate you, our probiotic product range provides a safer, natural alternative. 

Another benefit to our probiotic products is they are cruelty-free and vegan certified under Peta’s ‘Global Beauty Without Bunnies’ program. We are conscious of the important role we have to play in reducing animal testing.

There’s no reason to use chemicals when you don’t have to. Our probiotic cleaners are good for the environment, good for you and good for animals. Shop our range today to get started on your journey to sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning.

Choose Probiotics Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

100% Eco Clean
No Harmful Chemicals
Cruelty Free and Vegan
Cruelty-Free & Vegan
Recycled & Recyclable
Recycled & Recyclable
A+ for Indoor Air Quality
Sustainable & Responsible
Sustainable & Responsible