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Better for You, Your Animals, the Planet

You know ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria are great for gut health, but have you heard about the probiotic breakthrough in cleaning, hygiene and animal care products? Our innovative Provilan ranges have added ‘good’ bacteria – like those in probiotic supplements. Sourced from plants, they restore natural, ecological balance that benefits health and the built environment.

Our products are vegan-certified, anti-allergenic and designed for sensitive skin. Ingredients are naturally sourced with no harmful chemicals, toxins or artificial fragrances. Proven to reduce harmful bacteria, odours and bio-allergens and eliminate organic waste. Eco-friendly, with recycled packaging made using ocean recycled plastic.

Animal Care
Face Mask Hygiene
Land & Water
Safer Indoor Air

Customer Testimonials

Discover the Provilan Probiotic Solution for You

Animal Care & Hygiene Solutions
For atopic allergies, dental, eye, ear and wound care and habitats


Natural, Vegan Cleaning Solutions
Safer, effective and non corrosive eco-detergents with a longer lasting probiotic action that continues for up to three days. Effective against the Coronavirus.

Fitness & Wellness
Fitness & Wellness
DENAA+ Probiotic Medical Tools Cleaner
Public Buildings

Face Mask Hygiene and Land & Water Cleaning, Healthier Indoor Air
Improves your comfort and living environment, indoors and out

Face Mask Hygiene
Land & Water Decontamination
Safer Indoor Air
Pet Care

Natural, Probiotic Pet Care & Hygiene Products with a Vet’s Recommendation…

  • Reduces bacterial infections
  • Reduces atopic allergies
  • Chemical-free and cruelty-free

Pure Ingenious News

A new study links increased disinfectant use during Covid to decreased asthma control. Probiotic cleaning is better for your respiratory health.

22 February 2021

Enter our competition and win these 5 dog care and house cleaning products that naturally protect your dog from allergens and alleviate itchy skin.

18 February 2021

Concentrated versions of our Provilan probiotic cleaning products save you money and allow flexibility whilst reducing your plastic use and carbon footprint.

17 February 2021

AMR happens when microbes evolve to protect themselves against antimicrobials. Simply switching to products with added ‘good’ bacteria reduces the risk.

2 February 2021

Choose Probiotics Today for a Healthier Tomorrow…

100% Eco Clean
Natural & Chemical-Free
Cruelty Free and Vegan
Cruelty-Free & Vegan
Recycled & Recyclable
Recycled & Recyclable
A+ for Indoor Air Quality
Sustainable & Responsible
Sustainable & Responsible