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Chemical-Free, Easy to Use and Eco-Friendly Decontamination of Oil, Fuel and Sludge

Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer - 1Kg Bucket

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Safely and Effectively Cleans Oil, Fuel and Sludge

TERRAA+ Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer uses the natural process of bio-remediation to safely clean environments contaminated by petroleum or carbon-containing products.

The core active ingredients are two strains of ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These work together in a simple way: Firstly, one strain breaks down the long chain molecule of chemical additives in hydrocarbons, which allows decomposition into natural constituent parts. Secondly, the other strain consumes the constituent component molecules as part of the Krebs energy cycle.

TERRAA+ Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer can reduce lake bed sludge by up to 30%, which significantly reduces dredging requirements. It also reduces the volume of sludge waste from waste water treatment plants. This significantly reduces transportation and incineration requirements and costs, as well as carbon footprint. In addition, the environment benefits as the sludge can safely be used as agricultural fertiliser.

  • Socially responsible bio-degradation of hydrocarbon pollutants.
  • Simple and cost effective to implement over large areas.
  • Naturally sourced and safer for operatives, flora and fauna.

Turns Toxic Pollutants into Harmless Substances

TERRAA+ Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer is a highly concentrated, effective and lower cost cleaning solution for applications including:

  • Industrial de-pollution.
  • Water decontamination – lakes, ponds and ground water.
  • Soil decontamination.
  • Fuel oil spillages on concrete surfaces e.g. petrol stations.
  • Hydrocarbon separators.
  • Sub-surface decontamination.


Apply directly to the contamination and allow to work. NB: TERRAA+ Probiotic Hydrocarbon Reducer works best when specifically dosed for the environment you are treating. Please contact your distributor for specialist advice if unsure of dosage to use.

Additional Information





  • Marine Substance (Calcium Carbonate
  • Mineral Salts
  • Biological Activator
  • Enzyme Complex
  • Vegetable Extracts
  • Plant-Based Probiotic Bacteria (Auto-Active Microorganisms)


  • Bucket – 1kg


  • DO NOT USE in combination with other products that may harm the treatment effectiveness.
  • Close the packaging after use.
  • Always wash hands after use.
  • Store in a dry place 10°C – 35°C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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