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Sustainable & Vegan with No Harmful Chemicals

Why Choose Probiotic Cleaning Products?

Provilan probiotic cleaning products are bio-detergents with probiotics that respect people, animals and the environment. Not only are they are vegan certified and plant-based, they are also free from chemicals, toxins, pollutants and carcinogens.

‘Probiotic’ means they have an added magical ingredient for extra benefits: beneficial ‘good’ bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

These high quality, helpful probiotics are one of nature’s greatest assets. They actively restore a healthy microbiome (natural environmental balance) wherever used. And a healthy microbiome – whether in your home, office, gym or medical centre – naturally supports your immunity and promotes better health.

What is more, the helpful probiotics work their magic at a microbial – not just visible – level. They reach into hidden nooks and crannies, safely consuming organic dirt and out-competing ‘bad’ bacteria. They continue working for up to three days after use, for longer lasting results.

As well as this, our Provilan probiotic cleaning ranges are scientifically proven to be safe for respiratory health and indoor air quality. This means that they significantly improve hygiene, but without damaging your health or your environment.

And vitally, they also work in a safe, mechanical way that does not create superbugs and protects the effectiveness of our antibiotics. Read more: How Probiotic Cleaning Products Work.

  • Environmentally-positive cleaning solutions.
  • Protects from harmful bacteria and bio-allergens; eliminates unpleasant odours.
  • Safer than chemicals for the health of cleaning operatives and building occupants.

See our Probiotic Vs Chemical Cleaning Products Comparison Chart and Infographic for a quick overview of the benefits of this safer, effective, more natural method of cleaning.

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“After having used the Provilan probiotic cleaning range for a while, we asked a couple of team members for their opinion. Both confirmed the products give excellent cleaning performance, but the real difference was that they suffered none of the throat or skin side-effects that they’d experienced with other traditional cleaning products.” The Clean Space

” Great product at a good price; no nasty smells and leaves the place clean and smelling fresh” – Daniel Ward, F45 Training MK Club Manager
“I’ve been using these home cleaning products for a few months now and I highly recommend them. I really wanted to change my usual brand to one that contained no harmful chemicals and these probiotic cleaners give great results. The products are more expensive than I used to buy but because they are of a better quality I have found that I only need to use a small amount therefore I am saving money overall.” Helen Warren
Effective against viruses and harmful bacteria

All Provilan cleaning products have a natural, preventative effect against bacterial infections. The ‘good’ probiotic bacteria simply out compete the harmful bacteria that cause disease, until no further pathogenic activity takes place. This significantly reduces the transmission of bacterial infections including E.coli and C difficile.

In addition, these eco-detergents are effective against the Coronavirus – without harming the environment. The action of cleaning combined with soap surfactants breaks apart the virus fat membrane. The helpful probiotics then safely consume the broken-down virus as a natural food source. They remain on surfaces and floors for up to three days after cleaning and continue to work.

The hand soaps also maintain effectiveness if used with alcohol hand sanitisers and rubs.

Read our Coronavirus News Posts to find out more.

Improves allergy management and indoor air quality and hygiene (IAQ)

All our Provilan probiotic cleaning product ranges are anti-allergenic, non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin. They are free from chemicals, toxins, pollutants, aluminium, parabens and carcinogens. They are also SGS and EPA approved (Euro Class 1/Group 1).

The helpful probiotics safely consume bio-allergen triggers – pollen, dust mite faeces, mould and animal dander – as a natural food source. This protects against skin and respiratory allergic reactions caused by these bio-allergens.

EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray helps protect allergy sufferers from dust mite and pollen. Read more here.

As they are chemical-free, these eco-detergents also reduce exposure to chemicals. This reduces the risk of symptoms related to chemical cleaning products, including childhood asthma.

In addition, they are scientifically proven to benefit respiratory safety and indoor air quality. In this way, they improve indoor air quality for the user and the building occupants. Moreover, they are safer for cleaning operatives because they do not risk long term ill health associated with chemical cleaning products.

Furthermore, the helpful probiotics don’t just mask unpleasant smells, including stale sweat and pet odour, they remove the root causes. And they do this naturally, without chemicals or polluting fragrances or air fresheners. Read more in our News Posts: How probiotic products eliminate unpleasant odours.

*Note: Add high grade Ingenious Air Purification to also remove dust and plastic particulate pollution.

Find the solution you are looking for below, or call us on +44 1268 544530 with any questions or to discuss bulk/wholesale orders.

Protects the environment

Our probiotic cleaning products are a responsible choice that contributes to the circular economy.

As well as being vegan – sourced from plants such as rapeseed and beans – all Provilan products are sustainable and bio-degradable and PETA-certified as animal cruelty-free. Containers are recyclable and made using ocean recycled plastic.

Unlike chemicals, the helpful probiotics support the circular economy: They work in a natural and mechanical way that gives longer lasting results, continuing to work for up to three days after application. Furthermore, they benefit – not damage – the environment after use; they continue to clean inside pipework and improve waste water quality when discarded down the drain. Read more in our News Posts How probiotics are eco-friendly.

Find the solution you are looking for below, or call us on +44 1268 544530 with any questions or to discuss bulk/wholesale orders.

Safeguards cleaning operatives from chemical-related illnesses

All our probiotic cleaning products are safer for cleaning staff to use throughout their careers, whilst also being highly effective.

The long term health risks of chemical cleaning products can be great: a ten-year study found full time cleaners using conventional products (excl. smokers) were 58% more likely to develop lung cancer compared with office workers.

Switching to natural cleaning products with added probiotics removes the health risks linked to long term use of chemical cleaning products. Even better, the Provilan range is scientifically proven to benefit respiratory safety and improve indoor air quality.  In this way, they are safer for both the user (if it’s not you) and the people occupying the building being cleaned.

Find the solution you are looking for above, or call us on +44 1268 544530 email if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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