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Probiotic News and Industry Trends – Expert Opinion

This news page brings you the latest probiotic news, trends and expert advice. Stay tuned for blogs, product updates, case studies and probiotic news every week.

Our probiotic itchy dog relief pack combines probiotic pet care with pet safe cleaning to reduce environmental triggers of canine atopic allergies.

19 July 2024

Ready to be inspired? If so, discover the transformative effects of topical probiotics for pets in our new flip book! Step into a world of pet wellness…

19 July 2024

The annual production and release of chemicals into the environment has outstripped human and planetary capacity to cope. Probiotics reduce the burden.

19 July 2024

Switching to probiotic cleaning products helps you move from a disposable linear economy to a more sustainable circular economy.

19 July 2024

No compromises allowed! Discover Probiotic Group’s awe-inspiring biotechnology and integrity behind our probiotic pet care and cleaning products.

20 May 2024

How LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Dermo Care facilitated healing and reduced antibiotic requirements for a dog and cat with multiple infected bite wounds.

10 April 2024

Probiotics are the future and the reign of harmful chemicals is coming to a necessary end.

If you want to find out more about probiotics from an independent source, we recommend this article from NIH.

You can find more resources at our resources page.

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