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Animal Care – Ingenious Probiotics

Topical probiotics in care and cleaning products help your itchy dog by restoring balance and a healthy microbiome to their skin and living space.

28 November 2022

Watch Joe Flanagan’s guest appearance on Raw Pet Medics to discuss probiotic cleaners with Drs Conor Brady, Nick Thompson and Brendan Clarke.

20 October 2022

Probiotic Odour Removers eliminate the organic molecules that are the root cause of unpleasant odours. No covering up with nice smelling but toxic chemicals.

3 October 2022

“What did you clean the floor with?” How probiotic, pet safe cleaning products protect pets from toxic chemicals and enhance cleaning results.

20 July 2022

Our probiotic itchy dog relief pack reduces the environmental triggers of canine atopic allergies. Combines probiotic pet care with pet safe cleaning.

15 July 2022

Every allergy sufferer – human and pet – needs this product! Tests show Probiotic Air Optimiser reduces dust mite allergens by 43% in the first hour.

2 June 2022