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Probiotics for Cats – How Topical Probiotics Benefit Cats

Cat probiotics: February is National Cat Health Month, and we have some purr-fect news for you. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!):

Our LUCAA+ topical probiotic pet care products are not just for dogs; they support cats’ well-being too. Probiotics are healthy good bacteria, which are natural protectors against harmful bacteria. Applying probiotics to your cat directly or introducing probiotics into their living environment is beneficial to feline health, hygiene and happiness. This news post explains more.

Do Provilan topical probiotics help cats?

Yes they do! All our LUCAA+ pet care products are equally beneficial to cats as they are to dogs or other animals:

probiotics for cats

Happy cats – LUCAA+ Pet – ‘spray on’ healthy probiotic products

What do Provilan probiotics do for cats?

Cats, like humans, have a diverse collection of microorganisms (including ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria, viruses, even parasites) living on their skin. This collection of microorganisms is called the microbiome. The skin is the body’s first line of defense against pathogens, and maintaining its health is crucial for overall immune function. A healthy skin microbiome indirectly supports overall immune system function.

Our topical probiotic preparations work by restoring the balance within the microbiome on your cats skin. This helps your cat to more effectively fend off infections and promotes better health, wellness, and hygiene.

An overview of the LUCAA+ probiotic range for cats

Each product works in a targeted way to restore a healthy microbial balance to a specific area:

probiotics for cat dental health

LUCAA+ Probiotic Cat Dental Care

Promotes Dental Health. Balances the oral microbiome. Cleans teeth and gums at a microbial level and reduces plaque, tartar, bad breath, inflammation and periodontal disease.

natural cleaner for cat eye health

LUCAA+ Probiotic Cat Eye Care

Promotes Eye Health. Balances the eye microbiome. Keeps eyes hydrated and helps reduce infection, itching and redness. This clever spray also breaks down the compounds that cause tear stain discolouration.

natural cleaner for animal ear health

LUCAA+ Probiotic Cat Ear Care

Promotes Ear Health. Balances the inner ear microbiome. Cleans the inner ear and helps prevent ear infections by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast, which are common ear issues for cats.

natural cleaner for your pet first aid kit

LUCAA+ Probiotic Cat Dermo Care

Supports Wound Healing. Balances the microbiome of minor cuts, scratches and broken skin. Helps to speed up the healing process and tissue repair and reduces the risk of infection. A First Aid kit essential for cats!

probiotics for itchy cats

LUCAA+ Probiotic Cat Allergen-Free

Reduces Allergy Symptoms. Protects from environmental and seasonal allergens (pollen, dust mite faeces) and promotes a balanced immune response. Helps relieve skin itchiness, redness and inflammation, redness and excessive scratching.

reducing cat smells naturally

LUCAA+ Probiotic Cat Odour Remover

Manages Mal-odour. Restores microbial balance and eliminates odour-causing bacterial overgrowth on your cat’s coat and skin without artificial fragrances and chemicals. Also removes lingering smells from litter boxes, carpets and soft furnishings – anywhere your cat loves to make themselves at home. (No more ‘smelly cat’!)

shampoo for cats

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo

Promotes Overall Skin Health. Cleans at a microbial level and boosts skin resilience. Strengthens the skin barrier, making skin less susceptible to issues such as bacterial and yeast infections. (But only if your cat can be persuaded to have a bath!)

Important note: Always check with your vet if your cat is unwell or you have any doubts or concerns about their health.

Pet safe probiotic cleaning products for cats

In addition to targeted cat care, using probiotic cleaning products around your home provides a safer and protective environment for your cat. The helpful probiotics, which are sourced from plants, also restore microbiome balance to the floor and surfaces in your cat’s living environment. This is especially helpful if they experience allergies or have very sensitive skin or other health issues.

probiotic pet safe cleaning products for cats

LUCAA+ Probiotic Stay Cleaner Concentrate

A properly pet-safe multi-surface cleaner that freshens up cat carriers, litter trays and other hard surfaces used by your fur baby. You can even use to clean fake grass if your cat likes to use it as a litter tray!

natural cleaning products that are safe for pets

“What did you clean the floor with?”

Pet safe cleaning is a huge topic… you can read our news posts to find out more about safe probiotic cleaning for cats:

Are Your Chemical Cleaning Products Poisoning Your Pet?

How Pet Safe Cleaning Products with Probiotics Protect Your Pets

Discover the range:

Switch to pet safe cleaning

Read more: Is your cleaning routine safe for your cat?

How to give cats probiotics

You can administer the probiotics in other ways if your cat does not like the spray. Simply spray the probiotics onto a clean cloth, lint-free cotton pad or gauze wrapped around a finger. Then gently apply to the teeth and gums, around the eyes or inside your ear. A toothbrush or pipette can be used for the Dental Care if preferred.

Where to buy cat probiotics?

Head to our LUCAA Probiotic Pet Care products page to buy now. Or check our Map to find a LUCAA+ stockist near you – in the UK and internationally.

Any questions? Just email us today.