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Are Your Chemical Cleaning Products Poisoning Your Pet?

We all love our pets; they become part of the family, and we’d do anything for them. We give them the best food we can and ensure they always get the best vet treatment…

…yet invariably we don’t think for even a second, about whether the cleaning products we use are safe for them.

The problem is, many of the most popular household cleaners contain ingredients that are highly toxic; it’s even worse for your pet, whose exposure is obviously much higher than yours because they spend almost all of their time on or near the floor… They’re constantly breathing in toxins and absorbing them through their paws and/or skin – especially, at the time of writing…

If you’re using more chemical cleaning products because of Covid-19, you really should pause to think about the toxic effect they could have on your pets. The worst thing you can do right now is swap muddy paw prints for layers of toxic chemicals!

Ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, phthalates, and glycol ethers are great at killing any organism they come into contact. But they can be damaging for your pets, and their skin, and can even cause vomiting and coughing.

Studies have also shown that some long-term side effects of phthalates are “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen based on sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in experimental animals.” In other words, evidence suggests they cause cancer.

Animal studies have found that phthalates can cause liver, testicular and pancreatic tumours.

Many of these chemicals are found in household cleaning products, and that even goes as far as normal cleaning products/soaps that we use on a daily basis!

You might think the risk is minimal, and to you, it might be… but dogs and cats especially are at a far greater risk. They walk or lie down on a freshly cleaned surface saturated with bleach (or products that contain bleach), and then lick their fur and paws.  The risk is very real.

It’s also important to consider that a dog’s sense of smell is up to 10,000 times stronger than yours – and so if you’ve just cleaned your floors with a strong smelling cleaner, imagine how much stronger that smells to your dog (especially as they’re much closer to it, possibly even lying on it!)

Vets have reported that cleaning products that turn milky when added to water can be toxic whilst the surfaces are still wet.  So, if your pet subsequently walks across a wet toxic surface, the likelihood is that they will lick their paws, subsequently ingesting the poisonous substances. These toxins over the long term can cause illness, including neurological problems, hormonal issues, and cancer. When the surfaces dry, these products are safer.

EVAA+ Home Probiotic Cleaning Products are Safe for Your Pets

Additionally, the PDSA have advised that they have had cases of chemical burns when dogs drink out of a toilet containing bleach.  Pets are naturally inquisitive; when left on their own they will often follow their nose.  This means they might try to access cupboards or chew on product containers with toxic chemicals.

According to much research, including a study by the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is potentially two to five times more polluted than outdoors. It can go as far as one hundred times higher. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are one culprit.  These are found in a range of products, from aerosol sprays, cleaners, disinfectants, air fresheners, and moth repellents. They can even come from dry cleaned clothing.

When you consider much of this, it’s simply safer to not have them in the house in the first place. But of course, in the ‘real world’, we need cleaning products to keep our homes hygienic and to keep us healthy. Cleaning products are essential, and we all want to use the best ones we can. Cleaning products were all invented for a reason – to remove dirt, grime and to make your home smell fresh.

But you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to achieve this.

Provilan EVAA+ probiotic cleaning products are animal friendly, non-toxic, and chemical-free. They’re vegan – as they’re simply naturally sourced from plants, and PETA certified as cruelty free. And in today’s climate, one of the biggest concerns will be whether or not it kills the Corona Virus (Covid-19) – and we confirm that Provilan cleaning products and hand soaps do kill the virus.

With the products also being hypoallergenic, they help with allergy management if you (or your pet) suffer from allergies.

Our EVAA+ Green Floor Cleaner for example, is a highly effective, eco-friendly and safer alternative to traditional synthetic and chemical floor cleaners. It is packed with the cleaning power of ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

The helpful probiotics clean floors safely and thoroughly at a deep microbial level using a natural mechanical action.

They inhibit the pathogenic bacteria that cause infections without causing them to mutate or develop resistance.  This helps reduce the risk of common bacterial infections – including E. coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus.

And our EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap cleans hands thoroughly and gently and is moisturising, sustainable and chemical-free. Using the soap means you’re significantly reducing the risk of contracting bacterial infections such as E. coli – without causing the bacteria to mutate and develop resistance (antimicrobial resistance).

The helpful probiotics remain on the hands after washing or sanitising with alcohol-based hand gel… and our EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap is especially effective at removing tough stains including grease, oil, dirt and mud.

  • Longer lasting clean that is not affected by hand sanitisers.

  • Restores healthy microbial balance to the hands.

  • Naturally-sourced, eco-friendly, vegan & cruelty-free.

If you’d like to explore our full range of EVAA+ products, click here. Or, simply call us on 01268 544530 to discuss the range of options available, including supplying in bulk for cleaning companies, or wholesale cleaning supplies companies. We’re able to provide you with our products in whatever quantities you need.