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Coronavirus: EVAA+ Hand Soap vs Hydroalcoholic Gel

Probiotic Group, (manufacturer of our Provilan range of cleaning and care products) have issued this short announcement about EVAA+ Hand Soap vs hydroalcoholic gel in relation to the Coronavirus:

It is difficult to compare these two products because their function differs. The hydroalcoholic gel is a disinfectant while our product is a soap. It is useful to recall the definition of cleaning in order to understand the difference between these two products. The purpose of hand soap is to cleanse the organic dirt on the skin.

In Probiotic Group’s products, this cleaning is achieved through the synergy between probiotics and natural environmentally friendly molecules (active cleaning surfactants).

Bacteria are capable of secreting enzymes which participate in the degradation of organic molecules in combination with conventional molecules.

The advantage of this cleaning from two origins is its effectiveness both on the surface and in difficult-to-access spaces (under the nails in particular).

The bacteria have also been carefully selected for their ability to rebalance the cutaneous microflora. When the skin is cleansed of these organic molecules, the probiotics will remain on the skin, thus preventing the colonization of space by other (pathogenic) bacteria.

In comparison, the hydroalcoholic gel has an inhibitory action on microbes (bacteria and viruses in particular), but leaves the organic soils present on the skin intact. The initially sterile space does not remain so for a long time because the various microbes present in the environment will quickly colonize this free space which is rich in organic matter(s). It can serve as food for these new bacteria (potentially pathogenic bacteria).

Another point to detail is the tolerance of the skin to these products. The hydroalcoholic gel is aggressive for the skin since it disturbs the natural balance.

Excessive use of these products undeniably leads to skin dryness which can lead to the appearance of cracks. In contrast, EVAA+ hand soap is gentle on the skin so that regular use is fine.

In the current context linked to the Coronavirus, adequate prevention is essential, in particular in critical places such as pharmacies, hospitals and paramedical settings.

Probiotic Group’s products meet this need because of their ability to thoroughly cleanse and rebalance microflora (both on the skin and on all surfaces). However, there is evidence that healthy and varied microbiota can fight infections and diseases more effectively.

It is possible to use EVAA+ Moisturising Hand Soap in combination with an alcohol-based gel: 

First, hand cleaning helps get rid of organic molecules. Secondly, the application of the gel makes it possible to eliminate the microbes possibly present on the skin and which would not have been impacted by cleaning.

Since the probiotics in our products are not sensitive to the alcohol in the gel (tested in our lab), these good bacteria can continue to develop themselves after the gel is applied, thereby reducing the risk of infections.

In any case, always keep in mind that good cleaning is better than bad disinfection.