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Only the Best Probiotics – How Science and Ethics are Leading the Way

The best probiotics, the most effective, microbiome-friendly products and a focus on health and ecology: No compromises allowed.

it’s the ‘WHY’ behind our probiotic cleaning and animal care products. And it’s time to get excited!

Here is an overview of Probiotic Group – the innovative manufacturer of our Provilan ranges. The truth is, Probiotic Group are experts in biotechnology who want the best for you, your pets and our planet. Their focus on science and research to guarantee effectiveness and protect health and the environment is unmatched.

It’s why we are delighted to be their partners for the UK, Ireland and other countries. And it’s why upgrading to Provilan protects you and gives you better results. Why settle for less?

Health, Ecology and the Best Probiotics

Probiotic Group harness the power of live, naturally-sourced microorganisms to create sustainable care and cleaning products with enhanced functions and benefits. Their focus on health and ecology ensure these are true microbiome innovations for a sustainable future.

What are Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms – ‘good’ bacteria – and microscopic cleaning agents. They are already commonly used in oral supplements and foods to boost gut microflora and health, but Probiotic Group are taking this a step further. Exceptional, beneficial bacteria are the raw materials that underpin the Provilan brand and are re-shaping cleaning and animal care products for the better.

Probiotic Group find the best probiotics to enhance the
function and benefits of sustainable cleaning and animal care products

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Probiotic Group’s impressive multinational and multilingual Luxembourg-based team includes researchers, microbiologists and vets. They work in close collaboration with two prominent Luxembourg organisations to find the best probiotic solutions:

Integrity and good intentions are the cornerstones of this alliance: The starting point is using helpful, live microorganisms (probiotics) to reduce the impact of toxic chemicals on living beings and their environment.

the most effective probiotics
A brief overview of Probiotic Group
Part of the team: Ingenious Probiotics visit Probiotic Group’s factory and research facilities, May 2022

Top Four Reasons Why We Choose Provilan

1. They have Never Sold Chemicals of Concern

Probiotic Group’s goal is – and always has been – to use live, naturally-sourced microorganisms to create sustainable products with enhanced functions and benefits. Their focus is on health and ecology. They work with bacteria, they don’t just indiscriminately eliminate them.

The difference is, most traditional detergent manufacturers are only just waking up to the need to consider health and ecology. They built empires selling hazardous household chemicals that caused – and still cause – immeasurable ill-health and environmental damage. Some manufacturers are now trying to change tactics, to morph their ubiquitous toxins into something healthier – sometimes by adding probiotics. In our opinion this is too late; the damage is done.

Unfortunately, even some newer probiotic brands use chemicals of concern to make manufacturing easier. These chemicals include Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and Phenoxyethanol, which are endocrine disruptors that are linked to cancer and are harmful to aquatic life.

The good news is, Probiotic Group won’t compromise your health just to reduce research and manufacturing costs. They use natural alternatives such as sodium benzoate, even when this requires additional conditions such as a smaller pH range.

Your health is priceless: don’t take any risks. Check the label before using a product, and if it’s not clear, check the safety data sheet.

2. Regulation is Their Ally

It’s reassuring to know that – unlike many chemical manufacturers – regulation is Probiotic Group’s ally. All Provilan products are rigorously tested and controlled. There are no uncomfortable truths about risks to well-being and the environment lurking in the background.

Pet safe’ cleaning products are properly safe to use around pets. You don’t need to cover your goldfish bowl or keep your dog out of the kitchen whilst you use them! Toilet cleaner which flushes into the waterways is safe for aquatic life, not lethal. Probiotic sustainable detergents protect cleaning operative health, they do not increase the risk of serious illness. In contrast, chronic exposure to chemical cleaning products increases mortality in the cleaning industry.

No nasty surprises – Provilan is always safe

It’s why EU regulators chose Probiotic Group to help define the rules around microbial cleaning and probiotic quality. (Because just adding the word ‘probiotic’ to a product does not automatically mean those probiotics are sufficient, safe or effective).

3. They Prioritise User and Environmental Safety

Probiotic Group live by this hugely reassuring statement: ‘No Compromises Allowed!’ Their microbiome innovations for a sustainable future restore only a healthy microflora. They maintain four foundational pillars that prioritise safety:

which probiotics are best UK
The best probiotics – with no compromises are allowed.
Reduces Antibiotic Resistance

Probiotic Group ensure their probiotics are safe, are not pathogenic, do not have plasmids (the potential to pass resistance to other bacteria) and will not mutate. This helps to reduce the continuing growth of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AMR is a global health disaster that makes bacteria resistant to previously effective antibiotics and chemical treatments. Tragically, it caused 700,000 deaths in 2016, 1.2 million in 2021 and is on track to cause 10 million deaths – more than cancer – by 2050. Scarily, up to 90% of bacterial pathogens in household dust and dirt are already resistant to antibiotic treatments. Simply changing your products from chemical to probiotic cleaning reduces AMR.

Natural and Vegan

As described above, Probiotic Group keeps ingredients as natural as possible, with no chemicals of concern. Labels include Eco Label and Green Seal.

Cruelty Free and Vegan
All products and ingredients are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Most products do require a small amount of bio-surfactant (soap for mechanical cleaning), emulsifier and/or stabiliser (for the foaming effect) and preservative, to guarantee effectiveness. As the focus is on health and ecology, these are from renewable, natural sources. They are used in the smallest amounts possible and are certified to be below harmful limits. Examples are:

– Coco glucoside is an non-ionic bio-surfactant, foaming agent and emulsifier derived from coconut oil and fruit sugars. It is completely biodegradable.
– Sodium benzoate is a food-safe preservative and stabiliser extracted from natural food sources. It is good for aquatic life.

4. Research is Continuous and Cutting Edge

With science as the foundation, and health and ecology as the focus, all products:

  • Are guaranteed safe for the end user – human and animal.
  • Are fully researched and documented.
  • Optimise health and provide a healthier lifestyle.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Meet all necessary regulatory standards.
The most effective probiotics
All products reach the required standards – for home, gym and commercial cleaning, pet care and bioremediation

Probiotics Research and Development

Helpful, live microorganisms provide huge benefits: it’s why Probiotic Group invest their time to find the ones that are most effective. They identify the best bacterial strains – focussing on bacillus subtilis – and develop stable and effective probiotic cocktails for the specific cleaning and care applications.

Bacillus subtilis are gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria that form heat-resistant spores. They remain in spore form until the product is used. They activate when food (such as organic dirt or bio-allergens) wake them up. This has many benefits. Read the report Difference Spores vs Lyophilisates vs Encapsulation to find out more.

the best probiotics
Probiotic Group are undertaking cutting edge research to see if the probiotics can re-sporulate (go back into hibernation) and then wake up and work effectively again.

What Microbiome Means

To begin, lets explain a key term in probiotic research – the microbiome:

Microbiomes are diverse ecological communities of microorganisms, which include bacteria (‘good’ and ‘bad’), viruses and fungi. Joshua Lederberg first used the term ‘microbiome’ in 2001 to describe microorganisms living in and on the human body. The term is now used to describe microorganism communities in other environments too, including surfaces, soil and water.

A balanced microbiome supports health, well-being and the environment. The problem is, chemical cleaning and indiscriminate use of antibiotics treats the huge population of bacteria in the microbiome – good and bad – as the enemy. This kills off the ‘good’ bacteria and gives the ‘bad’ (the pathogens) a field day. This ‘nuclear bomb’ approach damages the microbiome and creates problems at a cellular level. It increases risk of infections, cancer, yeast overgrowth, atopic dermatitis, asthma, allergies, obesity and more.

Discovering Which Probiotics are Best

Probiotic Group focus on two key microbiome innovations for a sustainable future: the homebiome and the skinbiome.

The Homebiome

Products that rebuild and regulate a healthy indoor microbiome – cleaning, air purification, cosmetics (leave on and rinse off) and pet care.

Provilan products reduce chemical pollution, improve indoor air quality and reduce odours, organic waste and bio-allergens. This promotes a healthy eco-system balance that supports immunity and well-being.

The Skinbiome

Products that respect the skin’s pH and restore a healthy skin microbiome – cosmetics (leave on and rinse off) and pet care.

Provilan products are non-toxic and do not contain phthalates, parabens, GMO or chemicals of concern such as Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and Phenoxyethanol.

the best probiotics for dogs

Do Probiotics Improve Results

The short answer is yes.

Watch Probiotic Group’s webinar Developments in Microbiology in the Cleaning Industry to find out more.

Read our Research and Case Studies to discover key successes in cleaning, allergy prevention and wound care – and more!

Our top two reasons are:

1. Probiotics are More Effective than Chemicals

Traditional chemical cleaning products allow immediate recontamination of surfaces, sometimes within an hour.

probiotics vs chemicals recontamination times
Probiotic cleaners provide a much longer lasting clean than chemical cleaners

In contrast, probiotics remain on surfaces and keep working for up to 72 hours. Probiotics have a mechanical action that naturally rebalances the local microflora via bio-competition. They decompose organic material and eliminate the root causes of odours. This provides longer lasting results and protection. Slower recontamination times reduces product use (and overuse), saving time and money. You can read more about the benefits in our post How Topical Probiotics Work.

Here’s a quick probiotics vs chemicals comparison:

microbiome innovations for a sustainable future
Probiotics vs Chemicals Comparison

2. Probiotics are Better than Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins capable of accelerating a specific reaction. They provide a ‘one shot’ benefit. But probiotics are enzyme factories, live organisms that secrete thousands of different enzymes. This means that whereas enzymes provide a hammer, probiotics provide all the tools in the toolbox.

Read more in our news post Probiotics or Enzymes? The Benefits of Microbiological Cleaning and the report Enzymatic Activity of PBGL Probiotic Cocktails.

If enzymes are the honey, probiotics are the bees. And bees produce more honey when they are treated well by Probiotic Group!

Breaking News – More Microbiome Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Science is at the heart of these latest research and new product innovations using the best probiotics, including:

  • The antiviral potential of bacillus subtilis group of probiotics.
  • DENAA+ Zero – a naturally sourced, completely biodegradable, postbiotic disinfectant. This revolutionary product uses postbiotics to clean and disinfect, and reduces fungi and viruses as well as bacteria.
  • Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI and mathematical model building) into the ‘Design – Build – Test – Learn‘ (DBTL) cycle.
  • An updated probiotic care and cleaning range for larger animals (combining LUCAA+ Equine and ANNAA+ Livestock ranges). This will enhance livestock productivity and reduce antibiotic use and AMR.
  • Probiotic shampoo and shower gel for humans.
  • Containers will be even more sustainable:
    • Ocean-recycled plastic increases to100%.
    • Thicker, high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
    • Round 500ml bottles are easier to handle and only need one label, no two.
    • Easier-to-use trigger spray.
    • Childproof security caps on home cleaning products.

We’ll keep updating this post as these innovations progress, and with all the new Probiotic Group microbiome innovations for a sustainable future.

Product Versatility – Use Them in New Ways

Enjoy the brand new ways of using your current products:

Contact Us for the Best Probiotics in the UK

We are Probiotic Group’s partner for the UK, Ireland and other countries. We supply all ranges for cleaning (for homes, commercial use, healthcare and gyms), pet care and land and water bioremediation.

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Choosing the best probiotic products – the ones developed around science and eco-responsible solutions helps to stop us hurtling towards AMR and environmental disaster. They upgrade the way you live, clean and care for animals. All you have to do is make this simple, healthy switch now.