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Wound Care Spray Helps Poodle Recover with Fewer Antibiotics…

Around six weeks ago, we wrote about how our Lucaa+ Pet Probiotic Wound Care Spray helped Mila, an 8-month-old cat, who was treated after being involved in a fight. We are pleased to report that our wound care spray has helped heal another animal without the ongoing use of antibiotics.

Ted, a seven-year-old Toy poodle, was treated for a 6cm puncture wound, with only a single injection at point of treatment, and no need for the usual 7-10 days course at home. Considering the wound was deep, and the jugular vein was exposed – Ted urgently needed the best care he could get… as wounds as significant as this are extremely likely to get infected. The vet, (Richard Doyle from Wylie Vets), reported that healing was excellent, and no further treatment was required. He started by saying:

Bite wounds are regarded with great caution by vets as they are always assumed to be infected with bacteria from the mouth of the attacker and tissue bruising/damage associated with such injuries can result in severe, deep-seated tissue infections, which can develop into septicaemia (a life-threatening infection of the blood). The normal treatment approach is to excise as much damaged tissue as possible and then cover with broad-spectrum antibiotics to combat deep-seated infection and sepsis.”

In this case, the affected area was clipped and cleaned with chlorhexidine disinfectant, then rinsed with saline. The vet then chose to use our Lucaa+ Pet Wound Care Spray, before closing the wound. Ted was sent home with no further antibiotics, and the owner simply sprayed the wound twice daily.

At Ted’s follow up check just a few days later, the wound was clean and healing well, which was extremely pleasing, and 10 days later the surgical staples were removed and there were no further complications.

The importance of these case studies can’t be underestimated, as the vet continues to say:

Whilst antibiotics are effective against most pathogens, they also disrupt the normal bacterial flora of the intestinal tract and skin and so can lead to gastrointestinal upsets and dermatitis, can cause adverse allergic reactions, environmental contamination and over-use can lead to the global problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

This approach involves creating an active biofilm of commensal (friendly) bacteria at the site of infection and eliminating the pathogenic bacteria by a process of competitive inhibition. This treatment is not damaging to the patient or the environment and does not lead to AMR.”

We have a wide range of probiotic products, all of which are focused on helping to reduce the problem of antimicrobial resistance, from surface cleaners to pet wound care and many other products.

Our cleaning products are effective against pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli as well as the Coronavirus (and many others). All our probiotic products restore and maintain a healthy bacterial flora… this means the harmful ‘bad’ bacteria/pathogens can’t replicate as quickly.

How Does Probiotic Wound Care Spray Work?

LUCAA+ Pet Wound Care Spray promotes healthy, natural wound healing by reducing inflammation and preventing bacterial infection. The spray is packed with the microbial cleaning power of carefully selected, beneficial (‘good’) probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

These helpful probiotics thoroughly and gently clean in and around the wound at a deep microbial level. They work safely and mechanically (using bio-competition and bio-augmentation) to inhibit potentially harmful pathogenic bacteria.

This mechanical action significantly reduces the risk of bacterial infection and can reduce the need for antibiotics.

Unlike antibiotics and disinfectants, mechanical action does not cause pathogenic bacteria to mutate and develop resistance.

  • Inhibits the harmful bacteria that cause infections
  • Works in a mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance
  • Completely safe for all pets, including young & newborn

LUCAA+ Wound Care Spray comes in a variety of editions to suit all animals – from cattle to horses, dogs and cats, and virtually every animal in between. If you’d like to find out more about whether this product would be suitable for your needs – simply call us on 01268 544530.

Alternatively, view our products and buy online:

Download the full case study here.