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Topical Probiotics for Pets - Natural Care & Hygiene

Welcome to your pets wellness hub – topical probiotics for your pet’s health, happiness and hygiene!

LUCAA+ topical probiotics for pets are a complete range of probiotic pet care and hygiene products with added healthy good bacteria (probiotics). They naturally support the immunity and well-being of all your beloved animals including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, hamsters, rabbits, horses.

  • Targeted probiotic pet care solutions for itchy skin, hot spots, infected ears, tear stains, dental health, odours, environmental allergies – and more.
  • Pet safe, probiotic cleaning solutions for kennels, cages, carriers, toys and litter trays.

For best results and the healthiest indoor environment for your pet, we also recommend EVAA+ pet safe home cleaning products.

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LUCAA+ topical probiotic pet care products safely care for and thoroughly clean your pet’s hair, skin and living area at a microbial level.

All products (except Coat Care) have added ‘good’ bacteria – probiotics – sourced from plants. Adding healthy bacteria into your pet’s skin, coat and living area re-balances the microbial environment. This fosters a healthier microbiome, which supports better well-being, immunity and allergy management.

Pets need good hygienic conditions to thrive – on their coat and skin as well as in their living environment. Our microbiome-friendly LUCAA+ topical probiotics are developed by an impressive team of researchers, microbiologists and vets. The focus is health, the environment and only the best probiotics; no compromises allowed. Read more: Only the Best Probiotics – How Science and Ethics are Leading the Way

Watch our guest spot on Rawpetmedics Facebook broadcast to find out more: Raw Pet Medics Discuss Probiotic Cleaners with Ingenious Probiotics.

Watch our Facebook Live for an overview of the range: An Introduction to Topical Probiotics – LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Care.

Topical probiotics for pets also reduce external threats including skin allergies and bacterial infections. They optimise hygiene and remove organic matter that causes unpleasant odours. And they do not contain harmful chemicals, toxins or pollutants.

Bacteria are everywhere, but they are not all bad; in fact, many are essential for good health. But imbalance can allow the ‘bad’ bacteria to take over, causing infections, unpleasant odours and uncomfortable skin conditions for your pet. In contrast, helpful probiotic bacteria safely colonise surfaces and outcompete ‘bad’ bacteria that cause disease. They continue to work for up to 3 days after application and improve your pet’s symptoms by naturally and safely balancing their microbial environment.

To provide the healthiest indoor environment for your pet, we recommend combining probiotic pet care with pet safe cleaning products. Read our article, written for the Facebook group ‘No Bull Only Natural Health for Dogs’ to find out more: How Pet Safe Cleaning Products with Probiotics Protect Your Pets.

Find the solution you are looking for above, call us on +44 1268 544530 or email If you have questions we are here to help!

Protects the environment as well as your pet

LUCAA+ probiotic pet care products improve your pet’s hygiene in a sustainable and ‘eco-positive’ way. Unlike many chemical and pharmaceutical products, these natural products benefit the circular economy as well as your pet. They improve the health of the environment because they:

  • Are free from toxic chemicals and pollutants.
  • Are not toxic to aquatic life.
  • Continue to clean inside pipes when discarded down the drain.
  • Are biodegradable and help to improve waste water quality.

In addition, containers are recyclable and made using ocean recycled plastic.

Fosters better health and well-being

LUCAA+ probiotic pet products create a healthier microbial environment that supports your pets immunity and well-being. The added helpful probiotics actively increase your pet’s natural resilience to external influences:

  • Significantly improves pet allergy management by reducing environmental bio-allergen triggers – pollen and dust mite faeces.
  • Alleviates atopic allergy symptoms and uncomfortable itching.
  • Improves pet hygiene and odours by safely consuming organic waste – stale sweat, oils, dried saliva and urine
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial infections and can reduce the need for medication and antibiotics.

In addition, all products are hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. They do not contain the harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

Can help reduce the need for medication and antibiotics

The LUCAA+ probiotic pet products range includes natural probiotic alternatives for eye, ear, dental, wound and skin care. Unlike chemicals and antibiotics, the products work in a safe, natural and mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance. This means that they do not cause bacteria and other microorganisms to mutate and develop resistance to previously effective treatments.

The UK Government has set a target to reduce antibiotic use in animals by 25% by 2024. LUCAA+ probiotic pet products can help achieve this by reducing antibiotic requirements, which protects the effectiveness of essential antibiotics and other treatments.

LUCAA+ Pet Wound Care Spray is shown to reduce Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria (MRSA) by up to 99%.


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