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Eco-Friendly Labels to Match Our Eco-Friendly Products

Our Eco-Friendly Labels are Now 100% FSC Certified

Ingenious Probiotics have always had a very environmentally friendly focus with our products. As an organisation, both we and our suppliers always strive to operate in a sustainable way, with both our products and the packaging being environmentally friendly.

Our Provilan range of probiotic products are all certified cruelty-free, and contain no harsh chemicals at all. But this is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to being “eco friendly”. So on top of that, the plastics used for the containers/spray bottles etc, are made using recycled ocean plastic (which goes a long way to helping clean up the environment). And are also fully recyclable themselves.

Another consideration, which most people probably don’t even think about – is the labels. The labels themselves are now 100% FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified, which means that the wood within the product (i.e. the source for the paper the labels are printed on) comes entirely from FSC-certified, well-managed forests.

We’re always looking for additional steps to help us become more eco-friendly, but we believe our products are as eco-friendly as it gets. If you’re a business, and you’re looking to “do your part” to make your business more eco-friendly, switching to Ingenious Probiotics’ products would be a fantastic start. Our cleaning products are non-polluting and better for your workers’ health and for the environment. Our cleaning product eco-detergents are effective against the Coronavirus, whilst the beneficial probiotic bacteria continue working to restore ecological balance for up to three days between applications. This means they continue to help protect you and your team.

If you’re looking for products around the home, switching to Ingenious Probiotics’ products again help keep your family healthier, as you’re not exposing them to fumes from harsh chemicals. (Continued exposure is proven to cause health issues in the long term – including asthma in children. This is likely to be happening a lot more right now with the Coronavirus pandemic). On top of this, you can feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to help the environment. The packaging is made using recycled ocean plastic, so you’re helping to combat one of the World’s biggest environmental issues.

If you’re a cleaning company, or any other kind of healthcare company (or veterinary practice) switching to Provilan probiotic animal care and eco-detergents is a fantastic way to protect the health of your staff, your patients/animals. And to ensure you are helping the environment as a socially responsible company.

To find out about buying in larger quantities (for business) – simply call us on 01268 544530. Alternatively, to browse our products – choose from the best option below: