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Probiotic Cleaning Products Protect the Health of Cleaners

A ten-year study showed that cleaning operatives using conventional products (excluding smokers) are 58% more likely to develop lung cancer than office workers.  As a result of this study, we had our strongest cleaning range product – DENAA+ Allergy-Free Spray (now renamed DENAA+ Air Optimiser spray) – tested for carcinogens and dangerous toxins.

The results were excellent; achieving the highest A+ rating. The spray (and consequently the rest of the DENAA+, DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness and EVAA+ home cleaning product ranges) proved safe for long term use.  Better still, the results proved our cleaning products release molecules at concentrations significantly below the limit values for the A+ rating.  In fact, the worst result on the list still released molecules at concentrations 200 times lower than the A+ limits!  This means that products that do not achieve A+ status fall far short of these results.

Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world.  A clean facility can reduce occupants’ chances of catching a cold or flu by up to 80%, reducing sick time by almost half.

But how are you reducing the health risks for your cleaners?

‘Thank Your Cleaner Day™’ was recognised in the UK yesterday for the first time. And the best way you can thank them is by protecting their health. Don’t let anyone you are responsible for be in that 58%!

Switching to probiotic-based cleaning products gives you peace of mind; Because you are providing products that are completely safe for the people that use them:

– Non-polluting with no harmful chemicals, carcinogens or dangerous toxins.

– Natural, plant-based & vegan.

– Work in a safe, mechanical & sustainable way.

Does this interest you? If so, contact us today to find out more.

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