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Pet Allergy Management

Topical probiotics in care and cleaning products help your itchy dog by restoring balance and a healthy microbiome to their skin and living space.

28 November 2022

Our probiotic itchy dog relief pack reduces the environmental triggers of canine atopic allergies. Combines probiotic pet care with pet safe cleaning.

15 July 2022

Every allergy sufferer – human and pet – needs this product! Tests show Probiotic Air Optimiser reduces dust mite allergens by 43% in the first hour.

2 June 2022

Constant scratching is a concern for many dog owners. This case study shows how LUCAA+ Pet Allergy-Free spray improves red, sore and dry, itchy skin.

18 January 2022

Dogs can be prone to irritation from chemical shampoos. Natural shampoo with added good bacteria cleans without irritation and restores healthy skin.

20 August 2020

“You could immediately see this soothed the itchiness and irritation. He didn’t make himself bleed from scratching. I am very impressed and highly recommend.”

6 August 2020