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Probiotic Wound Care Heals Dairy Cow Wound Without Antibiotics

A recent study showed ANNAA+ Probiotic Wound Care Spray reduced healing time in an infected dairy cow wound – without antibiotics. A dairy cow had a 15cm infected wound near her udder. The vet offered the farmer a healthier alternative to a 14-day course of antibiotics: treat the wound with ANNAA+ Probiotic Wound Care Spray instead.  The spray is packed with the cleansing and healing power of completely safe probiotic bacteria, which are naturally-sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics inhibit pathogenic bacterial growth using the organic process of bio-augmentation: They simply crowd out the pathogens and eat them when they die. The wound was cleaned with warm water then sprayed with ANNAA+ Wound Care Spray twice per day. Application was reduced to once a day when the wound showed visible signs of healing. The wound healed fully within 8 days rather than the expected 14 days with antibiotics. The cow recovered and felt comfortable more quickly.  As she had not received antibiotics, her milk remained suitable for human consumption. She did not need to be isolated from her herd or wait 6 to 10 weeks for the antibiotics to leave her bloodstream. She returned to providing milk as soon as the wound healed.  The farmer was happy as he did not incur the prolonged cost of lost milk production. The test was carried out on ANNAA+ Farming Wound Care Spray, but the same formula is available as LUCAA+ Pet Wound Care Spray and LUCAA+ Equine Wound Care Spray.  Over 250 vets are already achieving impressive infection control results with Probiotic Wound Care Spray in France and Benelux – and now the spray is available in the UK. The spray can be a useful strategy to meet the UK Government target to reduce antibiotic use in animals by 25% reduction target over the next 5 years. Read the full study at: Curious and want to and out more? Call 0800 731 6352 or email