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Evidence that the Coronavirus Airborne | World Health Organization Knows

Update 24/07/2020: Now face masks are mandatory in public places. It is now even more essential to review the products which can help keep you safe. Specifically, our EVAA+ Face Covering Probiotic Hygiene Spray mentioned in this article. It can make a large difference to the comfort of your face covering.

As lockdown lifts, it comes as a great relief to many. The chance to return to normality and for businesses to have a chance of surviving… But, the protective measures must be continued.

In an open letter due to be published this week. 239 scientists from 32 countries call for greater acknowledgement of how Coronavirus could be spread. In particular, because airborne transmission involves much smaller particles. It means Coronavirus can be transmitted to others over distances greater than one metre.

We’re firm believers that the scientific community should be listened to. They were clearly pointing out many risks of Coronavirus well before it was announced as a pandemic. The scientific community is urgently calling for tougher measures altogether and the need to take protective measures where possible. They highlight two areas in particular. Fitting air conditioning units with powerful new filters or UVC light – and making face masks mandatory in public…

We’re going to need to wear face masks for a long time to come. Such as keeping businesses running, and being able to take a holiday, and more.

The big problem, that ultimately leads to the virus spreading at an exponential rate. Is that it’s often people with no symptoms that spread the disease. It’s thought you’re infectious for around two days before showing symptoms. But often people are asymptomatic (i.e. they carry the virus but never show any symptoms). This is one of the strongest arguments for people to wear face masks in public.

To further support the argument for wearing face masks. A modelling study from the universities of Cambridge and Greenwich. Suggested that wearing face masks combined with on/off lockdowns per area, could prevent a ‘second wave’. The researchers suggested that even homemade masks with limited effectiveness could dramatically reduce transmission rates. If worn by enough people, regardless of whether they show symptoms.

So, with the advice that when indoors (in public) you should wear a face mask. The importance of ensuring the face mask is comfortable is even more important. Our probiotic Hygiene Spray is a perfect companion to face masks, as it helps keep the mask comfortable for longer. It also reduces the number of times it needs to be washed. (which is important, as the more the face mask is washed, the less effective it comes as the permeability increases).

The added benefit of our Hygiene Spray, is that it lends itself to a wide range of uses. As travel restrictions ease too. You’re taking the chance to travel abroad, you can spray your airplane table for added protection.

How can Ingenious Probiotics help?

EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray

As we are more conscious of the fact that simply popping to the shops, can mean you could catch the virus, it’s sensible to take a precaution wearing a face mask. The EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray makes wearing a material face mask more pleasant, hygienic and comfortable.

The anti-allergic formula also improves allergy management by reducing organic-based skin and respiratory allergy reactions to dust mite, pollen, pet hair and other bio-allergens. Also suitable for other textiles and clothing e.g. bowling shoes, trainers, gym kit.

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EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap

EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap is moisturising, sustainable and chemical-free. It is enriched with the natural cleaning power of beneficial ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, sourced from plants.

The helpful probiotics work in a safe, mechanical way that restores healthy microbial balance to the hands. They continue to work between washes, protecting hands from external influences. This significantly reduces the risk of contracting bacterial infections such as E. coli – without causing the bacteria to mutate and develop resistance (antimicrobial resistance).

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EVAA+ All-Purpose Surface Cleaner

It’s crucial to keep surfaces clean, and in a way that benefits health and doesn’t keep filling the room with toxic chemicals. Our All-Purpose Surface Cleaner is fantastic around the home and the office, and can keep your surfaces clean and free of the Coronavirus.

The easy-to-use spray is enriched with the natural cleaning power of completely safe ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, sourced from plants. The helpful probiotics clean at a microbial level to restore ecological balance – a healthy microbiome – to hard surfaces.

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Portable High Grade Air Purification

With the news that Coronavirus remains in the air for longer than thought, this air purification system could be a (literal) life safer for offices and businesses.

The HEPS provides superior indoor air quality by significantly reducing indoor contaminants: pathogenic bacteria and viruses – including Covid-19 – bio-allergens (including pollen and mould spores), toxins and gaseous pollutants, and particulates down to 0.3 micron (including dust and microplastics). It also eliminates odours.

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All our products are available in a wide range of quantities; from single items for home or low-usage office environments, to bulk buys for wholesale and/or larger organisation usage. With the majority of lockdown measures lifted. It’s never been more important to focus on keeping your home and other areas clean (including inside your car!).

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