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Why Switch to Provilan Probiotic Cleaning Products?

There are many reasons to switch to our range of Provilan probiotic cleaning products, from health benefits to simply helping the environment – and to reducing antimicrobial resistance. The products are eco-detergents that are enriched with beneficial ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

Focussing on health first, one of the more concerning issues with chemical-based cleaners revolve around our overall health – both for the cleaning workforce as shown in this study, and around the home. Looking at the commercial workforce of cleaners, reports show that full time cleaning operatives with 10 years’ experience are 58% more likely to suffer cancer (smokers excluded from the survey – details of the study can be found here). Switching to Provilan prevents this risk. The products are A+ rated for respiratory safety – with no harmful toxins, chemicals, pollutants or carcinogens.

Chemical household cleaning products are also linked to childhood asthma. Conversely, Provilan cleaning products help with asthma and other respiratory and skin-based allergies, by consuming bio allergens such as pollen, the faeces of dust mite, mould spores etc.

Should You Switch to Probiotics?

Simply switching to Provilan probiotic cleaning products can make the air quality in your building better. In your home, some cleaning chemicals are known to be toxic to pets when still wet (this was discussed previously in our of our articles here). However, Provilan cleaning products are so safe they are used as part of the overall treatment for pets with atopic (skin) allergies.

The sprays and odour removers also improve indoor air quality by removing harmful bacteria, bio-allergens, odours etc. from soft furnishings like curtains, bedding, carpets, sofas etc. They can also remove bad odours from clothing and other items.

Especially with the current pandemic, it is instinctive to use the ‘strongest’ cleaning product you possibly can, with chemicals, to ensure work surfaces and environments are clean. However, cleaning chemicals are known to make bugs stronger in the long run. Increasing the strength of chemicals pushes microorganisms to mutate and develop resistance to previously effective treatments. This is called antimicrobial resistance (or AMR) – and it reduces the effectiveness of our most powerful and essential healthcare tool – antibiotics

Probiotics are proven to reduce AMR

In contrast, Provilan products work in a safe, natural and mechanical way that reduces AMR: Provilan has zero contribution to AMR, which helps to protect the effectiveness of our precious antibiotics.

Additionally, as this study shows, DENAA+ Provilan probiotic cleaning sprays reduce MRSA by 99% without chemical cleaning agents, using only the naturally sourced probiotic bacteria. Whilst the study reveals it does take a little longer to take effect than chemical cleaning products, the end result is much longer-lasting. This means your environment stays cleaner and healthier for much longer – reducing costs in the long run.

Finally, here are some of the environmental benefits. Our products are PETA-registered as vegan and animal cruelty-free, and the range is supplied in recyclable containers made using ocean recycled plastics.

These are the most ‘obvious’ environmental benefits, but in addition – because our products don’t contain any harsh chemicals, what is flushed down the sink or toilet, doesn’t then cause problems further down the line… Harsh chemicals such as bleach or strong cleaning products require a lot of filtration and processing, which increases carbon footprint as well as being costly for processing plants. Provilan products are not only safe to discard to the drain, they continue to provide benefits to the wastewater treatment system as the good bacteria continue to work.

How do probiotic cleaning products work?

Chemical and biocide cleaners kill 99.9% of all bacteria – both good and bad. But they work in a way that allows the remaining pathogens to replicate back almost immediately. They are pushed to grow a protective shield and mutate into resilient superbugs. But increasing the strength and use of cleaning chemicals only fuels mutations – and decreases effectiveness – with every cycle. They become resistant to previously effective treatments.

In contrast, Provilan works in a safe. natural and mechanical way. The helpful probiotics simply out-compete the harmful bacteria and consume organic waste and bio allergens (dust mite faeces, mould spores, pollen etc.). This helps to restore a healthy ecological balance, which is known to support immune system function. The helpful probiotics also have a longer-lasting action and continue to work for up to three days after application.

In addition to the above, Provilan probiotic cleaning products are also eco-detergents that thoroughly clean – and are effective against the Coronavirus. The action of cleaning combined with soap surfactants breaks apart the virus fat membrane. The helpful probiotics then safely consume the broken-down virus as a natural food source.

Our wide range of products can help benefit you, your organisation or your family, whilst helping the environment and keeping us all safe from the Coronavirus.

Explore our range of products here, and if you would like to discuss how our cleaning products or air filtration products can help you on a commercial basis (including wholesale or large scale supplies) contact us on 01268 544530 – or contact us here.