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Why Probiotics Beat Chemicals for Gym Cleaning During COVID-19

Why Provilan Probiotics Beat Chemicals for Gym Cleaning During COVID-19

When gyms reopen after lockdown, extra cleaning will be required to provide a safe environment for staff members and gym users. This often includes hourly wipe downs of high touch points, plus wiping down equipment after every user session.

However, although this appears to create a safe and hygienic gym environment, the problem is that it also creates new unique risks:  

  1. Damage to valuable equipment that was not designed for prolonged exposure to chemicals and repeated cleaning cycles.
  2. Risk to health from exposure to chemicals that are known to be toxic. This is especially for people with asthma and other respiratory problems.
  3. Creation of localised superbugs, caused by antibacterial cleaning agents.

Faced with these risks, cleaning with chemicals may not be as sensible as first thought to keep gyms safe when the COVID-19 lockdown eases.  

The Problem with Chemical Cleaning

Chemicals kill bacteria and the Coronavirus. No argument there.

But the problem with chemicals is they are harmful to many of the materials that gym equipment is made from. For example:

  • Isopropyl alcohol can cause vinyl and rubber to weaken and crack.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can oxidise aluminium, iron, steel and other alloys.
  • Bleach can fade and discolour products with inks, paints and powder coatings.
  • Ammonia can fade and discolour textiles and cause rubber to discolour.
  • Aerosol disinfectants can eat through paint as they often contain ethanol and quaternary ammonium compounds.

With overexposure of these chemicals, gyms run the real risk of damaging expensive equipment. Paint thinning, rust, oxidation, cracks, discolouration and damage to safety stickers are very real concerns.

Also, many of these chemicals are harmful to human health.

People who have asthma or respiratory weakness may have coughing fits if exposed to ammonia, bleach or products that contain derivatives of these toxic chemicals.

Probiotics are a Better Alternative for Gym Cleaning During COVID-19

Provilan probiotic cleaning products do away with harmful chemicals. These toxin-free eco-detergents are better and safer for human health, the environment – and gym equipment.

Provilan probiotic cleaning products are biodegradable with naturally-sourced, plant-based ingredients. Like all detergents, they are effective at destroying the COVID-19 virus by destroying the structure of the virus. They destroy the lipid membranes of the virus so that the virus particle collapses and is no longer infectious.

However, they are also enriched with beneficial ‘good’ bacteria that simply outcompete the harmful ‘bad’ bacteria. They restore a healthy environmental balance (called the microbiome) to your gym that supports health and well-being. They help allergy sufferers by consuming the bio-allergen triggers – including pollen and dust mite faeces. They also consume organic waste – dried sweat, saliva and faecal matter from inadequately washed hands etc.

These are the main benefits to using probiotic cleaning products rather than chemicals in your gym:

Clean as Often as You Need, Without Fear of Causing Damage

For gyms, probiotic cleansers provide a reliable way to cleanse hard and soft surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals that could degrade equipment and cause health issues. Best of all, the probiotics in the spray survive on hard and soft surfaces and continue to work for up to 72 hours.

Improves Hygiene by Reaching into Small Cracks and Tears

Chemical cleaning products are a leading cause of gym equipment corrosion and cracks in fabrics, which create hidden pockets for bacteria to hide in. Probiotic cleaning products can be sprayed into these areas. The probiotic movement combined with the water osmosis allows them to penetrate deep into the crack and colonise the surface, destroying the bad bacteria chemicals can’t reach.

Provides a Healthier Environment for Staff and Clients

Chemicals like ammonia, ammonia derivatives, chloroxylenol, hydrogen peroxide and alcohols like IPA can trigger asthma and allergies. Fumes and lingering airborne particles from these substances can cause coughing and sneezing fits, which could increase COVID-19 transmission. Probiotics cleaning products do not pollute indoor air. They are anti-allergenic and safe for asthma sufferers.

Better for the Environment

Using cleaning products with added probiotics brings nature into your gym. Sourced from plants, many of the products are 99% natural. They are also eco-friendly and sustainable as well as certified vegan and cruelty-free. Containers are fully recyclable and made using ocean recycled plastic. The helpful probiotics even continue to clean the waste water when discarded down the drain.

Will Not Create Localised Superbugs in Your Gym

Unlike chemical and antibacterial cleaning agents, probiotic eco-detergents work in a safe and mechanical way that does not push harmful bacteria to evolve and develop resistance (called AMR or antimicrobial resistance). This protects your gym from developing localised superbugs that are hard to treat. It also has the wider benefit of helping to maintain the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Concentrated Formulas Save Money

We supply our probiotic cleaning products as a concentrate to save you money. For example, one litre of Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate will refill up to 100 500ml trigger spray bottles at a cost of around £0.15p per bottle (ex. VAT). This will keep your cleaning costs down in your fight against COVID-19.

Other probiotic cleaning product benefits for gyms:

  • Safely improves the hygiene of equipment, floors, surfaces and wet leisure facilities. Suitable for weights and treadmills as well as textiles such as bibs, mats and bowling shoes.
  • Effective against harmful bacteria, including Communal MRSA and E. coli.
  • Actively eliminates unpleasant bio-odours – including stale sweat odour – without artificial fragrances.

Explore our range of cleaning products for fitness here. Or Contact Us to find out more.