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Why Choose Concentrated Probiotic Cleaning Products?

Several of our ready-to-use probiotic cleaning products are also available in concentrated versions.  Here’s why…

When you buy our ready-mixed probiotic cleaning products you are buying a diluted product. This is convenient because you don’t have to mix them yourself. They come in a handy spray bottle and you can be sure they are perfectly mixed to give you consistent performance.

However, when it comes to cleaning products, the concentrated versions of our ready-to-use products can give you several advantages.

The Benefits of Concentrated Cleaning Products

Here’s why concentrated probiotic cleaning products can be a good choice for you:

1. Save Money

With concentrated cleaning products, you receive more for your money. They last longer and the price per bottle is significantly cheaper.

For example, one litre of Probiotic Commercial Sanitary Cleaner Concentrate refills up to 160 500ml trigger spray bottles. If the cost of this product is £84.23 including VAT we can divide £84.25 by 160 and we get the price per bottle – £0.53 per bottle.

One litre of Probiotic Commercial Floor Cleaner Concentrate makes 125 to 250 litres when diluted at a cost of 6.5p – 13p per litre. Five litres makes 625 – 1250 litres when diluted at a cost of 4.2p – 8.3p per litre.

That’s a huge saving. So, if you are a company or professional cleaner, it makes economic sense to buy concentrated products.

2. More Sustainable

If you operate a cleaning company, our concentrated cleaning products are far more sustainable and you’ll save a lot of money too. Buying in bulk further increases your efficiency.

Less Plastic Use

All our bottles – both ready to use and concentrated – are recyclable and made using ocean recycled plastic.

However, if you keep buying plastic trigger bottles with ready-made solution you inadvertently contribute to the amount of plastic that gets made.

As described above, one 500ml trigger spray bottle can be refilled around 160 times with a one-litre bottle of sanitary cleaner. This means it lasts much longer and reduces the need for you to keep buying.

One bottle of cleaner concentrate (and one plastic trigger bottle for your solution) is always better for the environment than buying bottle after bottle of cleaning spray, even if the plastics are recyclable and made from recycled plastic.  

Fewer Emissions

Using concentrated products helps to reduce your carbon footprint through reduced transportation before the product gets to you.

One concentrate bottle takes up far less storage space than the equivalent ready-to-use trigger spray bottles. This means less space is needed for transportation, which helps reduce freight requirements – fewer trucks on the road, fewer train and shipping journeys. This protects the environment by reducing harmful CO2 (carbon dioxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions.

3. Flexible Performance

With concentrated cleaning products, you can change the performance of the product to suit a wider range of cleaning jobs than ready-mixed products. We always recommend correct dosing because it’s important for reliable performance, however, sometimes you need an extra kick. Pre-made solutions don’t give you this option.

This also means you can avoid the scenario of falling back on strong chemicals when a ready-mixed product is too weak.

Common Mistakes with Product Concentrates

The main thing to watch out for is human error. It’s easy to be lazy and not measure out dosage but it’s important that you do for consistent performance.

Also, one bottle of concentrate makes many spray bottles. Remember to work out how many spray bottles you will refill over any given period of time to determine how much concentrate you need. You don’t need to overbuy; if you need more, we deliver quickly!

The good news with probiotic cleaning products is that they are always safe, even if used incorrectly. Unlike chemical cleaning agents, ‘overdosing’ (or accidental spillage) does not risk harm to your cleaning operatives or the environment.

The good news with all our probiotic cleaning products is that they are always safe, even if used incorrectly.

Unlike chemical cleaning agents, ‘overdosing’ (or accidental spillage) does not risk harm to your cleaning operatives or the environment.

How to Use Probiotic Cleaning Product Concentrates Effectively

For best results, simply re-use your 500ml Provilan trigger spray bottle or use your own bottle so long as it has a sprayer.

1. Shake the probiotics concentrate bottle before use.

2. Use fresh, clean hand warm tap water.

3. Always follow the dosing instructions exactly for reliable performance.

4. Fill the clean, empty spray bottle with the correct amount of water.

5. Add the correct concentrate amount.

6. Close the bottle and shake briefly.

7. Use as instructed.

8. Store out of direct sunlight and below 30oC. Use within three months.

We provide convenient dosing equipment including measuring caps, pelican pumps and dispensing taps as well as point-of-use charts showing dilution methods. This makes dosing your cleaning products a piece of cake.

How to Store Probiotic Concentrated Cleaning Products

Probiotics are beneficial to health and the environment, so storing them is easier and safer than storing chemicals. However, because they are living microorganisms, they do need a little care:

First of all, you should use an opaque spray bottle, not a transparent one.

Secondly, always store your probiotic products away from direct sunlight and below 30oC – preferably in a cupboard. This will reduce the probiotics’ exposure to heat, which can shorten the lifespan of probiotics.

Storing your probiotic cleaning products in a cold environment does not change their effectiveness. The helpful microorganisms simply go to sleep until they warm up again.

Interested in Using Concentrated Probiotic Cleaning Products for Commercial Use?

If you’re sold on the idea of using concentrated probiotic cleaning products, it’s a great decision. The economic and environmental benefits really do make sense for commercial operations.

To make your switch nice and easy, we provide:

  • Convenient dosing equipment including measuring caps, pelican pumps and dispensing taps.
  • Product use information and literature, and point-of-use charts showing dilution methods.

In other words, you’ll get everything you need to measure, dose and use your concentrated cleaning products.

In addition, all our Provilan probiotic products are non-toxic, plant-based and chemical-free. They are vegan-friendly and formulated to be kind to the environment. Probiotics work in a safe, natural and mechanical way to inhibit harmful bacteria. Unlike chemicals, this mechanical action does not cause harmful bacteria to develop resistance.

Switching from chemical cleaning to probiotic cleaning is easy to do, safer and effective. This decision protects both your cleaning operatives and the environment.

Contact Us to find out more. Or Shop Probiotic Cleaning Products now!