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Why Choose Probiotic Cleaning Products Over Chemicals – Ingenious Probiotics

The Ingenious range of Provilan probiotic cleaning products are a safer, more effective and responsible alternative to traditional synthetic and chemical cleaning agents. They are packed with the natural cleaning power of plant-based, helpful ‘good’ bacteria called probiotics, which are one of nature’s most powerful assets. 

Top ten reasons to switch to probiotic cleaning products

      1. They are naturally sourced, chemical-free and non-polluting, which improves indoor air quality. They achieved the highest Indoor Air Controlled A+ rating, demonstrating their safety in the air.
      1. They protect animals and the environment. They are vegan -sourced from plants – and PETA-certified as animal-cruelty-free. They are also sustainable, green and contribute towards a circular economy.
      1. They clean safely, naturally and thoroughly wherever they are used.  They restore healthy ecological balance at a deep microbial level.
      1. They inhibit the pathogenic bacteria that cause infections, and significantly reduce the risk of contracting bacterial infections.
      1. They do this whilst also reducing antimicrobial resistance. i.e. they do not contribute to antibiotics and other medications becoming resistant and no longer working.
      1. They reduce bio-hazards & bio-allergens – including mould, pollen & dust mite faeces.
      1. They clean using a mechanical action that continues to work after application, so results are longer lasting. Regular use creates an increasingly safer, healthier and more protective environment at a deep microbial level.
      1. They are completely safe for cleaning operatives and protect from serious illnesses (including lung cancer) that are linked to the long-term use of chemical cleaning agents.
      1. They eliminate unpleasant odours at source – without the need for chemical masking air fresheners.
    2. 10. They are non-corrosive on hard surfaces; and they also effectively clean soft furnishings (via an air dispenser).

The three ranges are specifically designed to thoroughly and naturally create cleaner and healthier indoor spaces for different environments:

– EVAA+ Residential & Commercial – for home and office environments.  

DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness – for gyms, spas and fitness centres.

– DENAA+ Healthcare – for environments at higher risk of opportunistic microbial invasion – including hospitals, dentists, clinics, salons, care homes and veterinary surgeries. 

Interested in finding out more about probiotic cleaning products that clean at a microbial level and create much healthier indoor spaces? 

If so, contact us to find out more.