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Restoring Ecological Balance After Chemical Cleaning & Fogging

As the lockdown eases over coming months, the instinctive approach is to use a plethora of chemical cleaning products to protect us, our friends and colleagues from the virus.

However, chemical cleaning and fogging, whilst effective at killing the Corona virus, adds pollutants into the atmosphere, which can cause health problems with prolonged exposure. Also, using harsh chemicals can also create imbalance in the natural micro-flora (the community of bacteria and other micro-organisms) necessary for a healthy environment.

The longer-term key to a safer, cleaner indoor environment is to restore natural and healthy ecological balance.

Ingenious Probiotics supply a range of products to help combat these issues:

Specifically, our automated Ingenious Probiotic Air Dispenser can make a considerable difference to your air quality and environment. This helps you ensure you’re taking as many steps as possible to protect the wellbeing of your customers, employees or patients.

The dispenser enriches the indoor environment by releasing carefully selected, health-enhancing ‘good’ Provilan probiotic bacteria. These helpful probiotics are vegan and naturally sourced from plants. They gently land on hard surfaces and soft furnishings to restore natural ecological balance and a healthy and varied micro-flora.

Regular use creates an environment that is increasingly more protective, supports immune system function and fosters better health.

  • A+ scientifically rated for indoor air quality.
  • Improves bacterial infection prevention – reduces the risk of diseases including E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Improves skin and respiratory allergies caused by bio-allergens (including pollen, mould, skin flakes and dust mite faeces).
  • Eliminates root causes of unpleasant bio-odours without chemical air fresheners.
  • In-duct option cleans inside air conditioning and ventilation duct work. This minimises mould and pathogenic bacteria blowing into occupied areas.
  • Works in a safe, mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance.

The Probiotic Air Dispenser is suitable for all building applications and available in six sizes to suit virtually any environment. It is absolutely ideal for areas with high footfall where there’s a higher risk of microbial invasion. This includes medical and veterinary surgeries, public spaces, hotel lobbies, schools, gyms, health facilities, communal washrooms and much more.

The dispenser can be wall mounted, standalone such as on your desk, or easily installed or retrofitted into heating, ventilation and air condition/duct work. You also have the option to add a natural scent.

An added – extremely beneficial factor – is that this air dispenser continually protects against harmful bacteria and removes organic waste and odours. It reaches hard surfaces and high touch points, hard to access nooks and crannies, keyboards, phone screens, soft furnishings such as curtains and blinds, and often missed areas – door handles and corners.

With this extremely strong advantage, the addition of the air dispenser is a must for any environment starting to re-open their doors following lockdown.

Work in a Safe, Mechanical Way that Reduces Antimicrobial Resistance

Chemical and biocide cleaners kill 99.9% of all bacteria – both good and bad. But they work in a way that allows the remaining pathogens to replicate back almost immediately. They are pushed to grow a protective shield and mutate into resilient super bugs. But increasing the strength and use of cleaning chemicals only fuels mutations – and decreases effectiveness – with every cycle. They become resistant to previously effective treatments.

In contrast, the Ingenious Probiotic Air Dispenser works in a safe, natural, mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance. Huge quantities of carefully selected helpful probiotics simply repopulate areas where pathogen bacteria thrive. They out-compete the pathogens for food and space needed to survive. The pathogens die and become a food source for the probiotics. This restores a safe ratio of helpful to harmful bacteria – healthy microbial balance – without causing mutation and resistance. The helpful probiotics also consume bio-allergens and odour molecules as a natural food source.

Taking a closer look: Two of our Probiotic Air Dispensers

The Ingenious Probiotic Air Dispenser enriches the indoor environment with carefully selected, health-enhancing probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

The automated ‘desk top’ size diffuser simply, safely and repetitively releases billions of micron-sized probiotics into the air. This rebalances the natural microbiome and provides a long-lasting deep clean of hard surfaces and soft furnishings at a deep microbial level.

The PI300F dispenser is the smallest dispenser size, and is a wall mounted model. It covers approximately 40m2 of space, although larger sizes are available. This is ideal for the home, hotel bedrooms, washrooms, hospitals or care rooms, and small offices.

It’s contained in a white plastic shell, it’s portable and light (and standalone or wall-mount). It has intelligent computer control system, and an internally installed diffusion system. It includes 200ml of refillable Denaa+ Air Optimiser. (Refills can be bought in a variety of eco-friendly quantities from 300ml and 5 litre). It’s very easy to install, with full instructions provided.

The PI6000A dispenser has an approximate coverage of 300m² (depending on application). It can be installed or retrofitted to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, making it ideal for larger spaces including offices, hotel lobbies, airports, casinos and shops.

To find out how we can help keep your indoor space clean, healthy and always smelling fresh, simply get in touch. You can call us on 01268 544 530, or click here to get a call back. You can read about all our Probiotic Air Dispensers here.