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Probiotic Resources – Guides and Advice from Ingenious Experts

Probiotic Resources

Chemicals have had their day. Naturally-sourced products with added probiotics are the future. Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that work in a safe and healthy way to consume organic dirt and outcompete ‘bad’ bacteria. This makes them a powerful, natural asset. Our probiotic resources explain why.

We believe probiotics will play a leading role in providing alternatives to chemical products and antibiotics in the coming years. Our Provilan probiotic products are leading the way. To help you understand why probiotics are the future, we’ve prepared several probiotic resources. Check them out and if you have any questions get in touch. Thank you.

Interested in the research showing the benefits of probiotics over chemicals? View our webinar: Developments in Microbiology in the Cleaning Industry.

Animal Care
Land & Water
Safer Indoor Air

As the world becomes increasingly eco-friendly, probiotics are needed more and more. Harmful chemicals pollute the environment. Most are not biodegradable. Our cleaning products, pet care products and many more products are enriched with added probiotics and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Why use probiotics? There are several reasons. Firstly, probiotics do not cause antimicrobial resistance to happen. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) happens when microbes evolve to protect themselves against antimicrobials such as chemicals and antibiotics. This manifests itself as the microbes developing the newfound ability to survive exposure to something that could previously kill them. Secondly, probiotics consume bio-allergy triggers (pollen, dust mite, animal dander). This improves allergy management in humans and animals, and is great for those with asthma.

Our probiotic products are vegan and eco-friendly. They are up to 100% naturally sourced and many are 99% natural. They are certified animal and cruelty-free. The containers are made using ocean recovered plastics and are also fully recyclable. Many cleaning products are available as a concentrate for extra economical and sustainable benefits.

Questions? Just get in touch! Call 01268 544530 or mail us at today. We are here to help.