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Probiotic Pet Ear Spray Solves Dog's Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Ingenious Probiotics offer a large range of products, including those designed for pets, horses and larger farm animals. The beauty of our products is they help animals in a natural, safe and healthy way. In particular, they help the prevention of bacterial infections and can reduce the requirement for antibiotics. Our Probiotic Pet Ear Spray is a good example of this.

Probiotics prevent bacterial infections without contributing to antimicrobial resistance (or AMR – where bacteria and other microorganisms evolve and develop resistance to previously effective treatments and antibiotics.)

One product that is having significant results is LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Ear Care. We not only have a fantastic testimonial, but we also have a vet’s Case Study explaining how the spray treated a dog whose infection was resistant to antibiotics. The same vet has also provided a letter of recommendation for the rest of the Provilan probiotic animal care range:

The Testimonial

Firstly, we were really happy to help Gabrielle MacKenzie’s dog, ‘Pongo’ the Dalmatian. Pongo had suffered from ear infections for a long time (since being a puppy). Her vet recommended our Provilan LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Ear Spray and was delighted that it cleared up the infections without further antibiotic treatment. Gabrielle writes:

“My Dalmatian Pongo has suffered from recurring nasty ear infections since a puppy. He has had surgery many times to have his ears deep cleaned and treated. The infections get so bad it affects his eardrum. My vet eventually transferred us to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) to investigate and be treated.

The RVC found SEVEN different types of bacteria and infection in his ear. They suggested that the only way to prevent this reoccurring problem would be to remove the whole inside of his ear. We decided this wouldn’t be a good option as Pongo is a very nervous dog and if he was deaf it would potentially make his behaviours worse if someone accidentally scared him.

We went back to our local vets (Dr Richard Doyle of Wylie Vets in Brentwood, Essex) with Pongo to get some more medication. The vet suggested trying LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Ear Spray as it would be interesting to see if it works or helps at all.

We started using the spray to treat his ears and his ears cleared of all infections! We now spray his ears twice a week to keep on top of it but Pongo hasn’t had an infection for 6 months. The spray has helped him and he is so much happier”.

The Case Study – Probiotic Pet Ear Spray

Dr Doyle also provided a case study of another patient – Ben, an eight-year-old Newfoundland. Ben presented with inflamed ears and clinical evidence of an infection in his left ear. This infection was effectively treated with an antibiotic (Florfenicol) ear preparation. Three weeks later he developed symptoms of another infection in his left ear.

Three different pathogenic bacteria were isolated from this ear: Escherichia coli, Staph. Pseudintermedius and Beta Haemolytic Streptococcus. An antibiogram showed that each of these bacteria was resistant to several antibiotics commonly used for ear infections.

Ben was admitted for sedation and a full assessment of his ears. His ear canals were swollen, and both contained a thick, yellow, smelly discharge.

Ben’s ears were thoroughly cleaned, and he was treated with a combination of antimicrobial products (Marbofloxacin and an antimicrobial peptide, which helps to kill bacteria by damaging their cell walls). He was also treated with anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain and discomfort of his severe ear infection.

Ten days later his ears looked much better although his left ear was still a little inflamed. A further swab revealed a profuse growth of Staph. pseudintermedius again and moderate growth of Alpha Haemolytic Streptococcus. Both bacteria were resistant to Marbofloxacin.

Dr Doyle decided to trial LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Ear Care. Both ears were sprayed twice daily, and he was reassessed eight days later. Ben’s right ear appeared normal. His left ear was improved but still slightly waxy and inflamed. Further swabs were taken and no pathogenic bacteria were cultured.

Ben continued to have his ears treated with the LUCAA+ Probiotic Ear Care twice weekly for one month before stopping the treatment. To date (four months) he has not suffered any further ear infections.

The Vet’s Letter of Recommendation

Of course, Pongo and Ben may not have tried our products had it not been for his vet’s recommendation. The vet, Richard Doyle (director of Wylie Veterinary Centre in Essex) says:

“We have been successfully treating and/or preventing superficial bacterial infections in our patients using the LUCAA+ range of probiotic animal care products (wound, eye, ear, allergy sprays). Typically, conditions we treat include surface pyoderma including traumatic pyoderma (hot spots), superficial bite wounds, otitis externa, bacterial conjunctivitis, lick granulomas, intertrigo (skin fold pyoderma) and atopic dermatitis. These products contain three commensal bacillus species which competitively inhibit pathogenic bacteria without the need for antibiotics and without the risk of developing antimicrobial resistance. These commensal species also digest organic material, so we also use the LUCAA+ Pet Allergy-Free Spray as an adjunct to more conventional treatments for atopy to limit antigen exposure.”

You can read the full letter here.

The letter does go on to say that sensible caution must be used i.e. the wound, eye, ear and allergy sprays are tools to help prevent infections, so you must always consult your vet when in any doubt.

The strength of the recommendation from the vet himself, plus our other testimonials for the animal/pet care products, reinforce how they can truly help your animal/pet become healthier, and remain healthier, often without the need for antibiotics or other treatment.

Take a full look at our range of animal/pet care products here. Or contact us for more information about out Probiotic Pet Ear Spray.