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Cleans Aquatic Environments and Water Treatment Systems Without Chemicals

Probiotic Water Purifier - 1Kg Bucket

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Increases Operational Efficiency of Water Treatment Systems

TERRAA+ Water Purifier thoroughly, efficiently and naturally cleans aquatic environments at a microbial level. It is suitable for use in multiple aquatic environments including lagoons, ponds, biological pools, fish farming and ornamental ponds.

The core active ingredient is naturally sourced, plant-based helpful probiotic bacteria. They restore microbial balance and prevent the spread of infection by removing opportunistic pathogenic harmful bacteria and biofilm. They use organic waste, including sludge and mud as a natural food source. This anaerobic digestion significantly decreases sludge height and floating organic material. This enhances and enriches water quality, clarity and visual appearance.

  • Significantly reduces sludge height.
  • Prevents the spread of opportunistic harmful bacterial infections.
  • Naturally sourced and safe for operatives and flora and fauna.

Protects and Enhances the Health of Fish

TERRAA+ Water Purifier re-balances the chemical values of nitrates, phosphates and oxygen in the water. This protects the flora and fauna from potentially toxic compounds and prevents the uncontrolled growth of algae.

TERRAA+ Water Purifier is chemical-free, contains no aggressive agents and is completely safe for operatives. This provides an environmentally enriching and responsible cleaning solution that does not contribute to antimicrobial resistance. A slow release action ensures a long lasting, preventative treatment.


Treatment has two stages:

– Spread 100g TERRAA+ Water Purifier per m³ of water by hand to colonise the environment. Apply to the surface or the centre of the aquatic environment, depending on the water volume being treated.
– Reapply 50g TERRAA+ Water Purifier per m³ of water once every month.

Additional Information





  • Marine Substance (Calcium Carbonate)
  • Mineral Salts
  • Vegetable Proteins
  • Enzyme & Bacteriological Complex


  • Bucket – 1kg


  • Use as a preventative gentle treatment for avoiding imbalance of the aquatic system.
  • Apply in an outdoor environment at a minimum temperature of 2°C.
  • Apply directly to the contaminated ares, especially where contamination is highest.
  • DO NOT USE in combination with other products.
  • Store in a dry place between 10°C and 35°C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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