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Inhibits Mastitis Pathogens, Reducing Risk of Infection and Antibiotic Use

Probiotic Livestock Mastitis Prevention 500ml Trigger Spray

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Helps Maintain Milk Quality and Productivity

ANNAA+ Optimum Care is an easy to use spray that has a preventive effect against mastitis in dairy cows. The spray is enriched with beneficial ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

The helpful probiotics thoroughly clean and restore healthy microbial balance to the skin around the udders and teats. This supports immunity and increases the cow’s natural resilience to infection. They inhibit harmful pathogenic bacteria and reduce the risk of infection. This in turn reduces the need for antibiotics, which reduces lost milk production.

  • Reduces the risk of bacterial infections and helps reduce antibiotic use.
  • Fosters healthier skin and natural resilience.
  • Natural, non-polluting and chemical-free.

Helps Reduce Antibiotic Consumption

Mastitis is the most common disease in dairy cattle and is usually caused by harmful bacteria introduced during milking or environmental contact. It reduces milk production and quality – and is expensive and painful. It can make cows severely ill.

Using ANNAA+ Optimum Spray with ANNAA+ Stable (Livestock Housing) Cleaner and ANNAA+ Stable (Livestock Housing) Stabiliser Granules and Liquid keeps housed cattle cleaner and comfortable and inhibits mastitis pathogens further. All work in a safe, natural and mechanical way that reduces antimicrobial resistance.


Always milk cows with mastitis last to avoid transmitting infection. Ensure udders and teats are clean before milking. Visually check the milk for any abnormalities. Shake before use. Spray the udders and teats lightly with ANNAA+ Optimum Spray immediately after milking.

When “drying off”: Clean and disinfect the teats and apply Dry Cow Therapy (DCT) and/or teat sealer. Spray the teats lightly with ANNAA+ Optimum Spray. Check udders for any abnormalities for the first few days. Ensure good environmental hygiene to reduce contact with pathogens

Always consult a vet if in doubt or symptoms persist.

Additional Information





  • Water
  • Plant-Based Probiotic Bacteria (Auto-Active Microorganisms)
  • pH Stabiliser


  • Spray – 500ml


  • DO NOT USE with products that may change effectiveness including anti-bacterial products and topical antibiotics.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Store in a dry place 10°C – 35°C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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