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EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap - 300ml Bottle

Moisturising, 99% Natural & Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin

probiotic hand soap
probiotic hand soap
EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap
Natural orange aroma

EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap - 300ml Bottle

Moisturising, 99% Natural & Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin

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Moisturising and Non-Irritating Formula

EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap is soothing, moisturising and dermatologically-tested. Ingredients are 99% natural and the formula is non-irritating, with no parabens, aluminium or harmful chemicals. The gentle yet effective formula removes tough stains, dirt and grease.

Added Aloe Vera oil softens and protects cell membranes and accelerates the formation of new skin cells. This stops your skin from drying out and helps if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin.

EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap is sustainable, quickly biodegradable and kind to the environment. Here are some of the features of this eco hand wash:

  • Respects your skin’s natural balance.
  • 99% natural and certified ingredients.
  • PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Dermatologically tested – non-irritating.
  • No dyes.
  • Refreshing natural orange aroma.
  • Contains moisturising agents.

This natural Probiotic Hand Soap is soft and caring and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. It’s suitable for children too.

Protects from Infections and External Influences

The added magical ingredient is healthy ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics), sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics restore a natural balance to your hands. They also eliminate organic molecules responsible for unpleasant odours. This is especially good for smells such as food and onion odour.

As well as being caring and protective, this soap effectively removes tough stains including grease, oil, dirt and mud.

The probiotics remain on your hands after washing and after sanitising with alcohol-based hand gel. This means they continue to work between washes, helping to protect your hands from external influences. This also protect against bacterial infections such as E. coli.

Washing with EVAA+ Probiotic Hand Soap and water significantly reduces the risk of contracting infections – including Coronavirus (Covid-19). In this way, the action of cleaning, combined with surfactants, breaks apart the virus fat membrane. The helpful probiotics then safely consume the broken-down virus as a natural food source.

Read our News Post Good Cleaning is Better than Bad Disinfection for more information.

Unlike chemical soaps, this eco soap with healthy probiotics does not cause antimicrobial resistance. This helps to protect the effectiveness of antibiotics.


Wet hands and pour 2 to 3ml into one hand. Wash for 20 seconds then rinse liberally with warm water. Dry thoroughly.

Additional Information
EVAA+ Probiotic Products



EVAA+ Probiotic Products


  • Water (> 30 %)
  • New generation of concentrated microorganisms (< 1 %)
  • Surfactant such as coconut based oils and natural glycerine (< 12.5 %)
  • Natural orange and pomegranate aroma (< 1 %)


  • Bottle with Dosing Pump – 300ml


  • DO NOT USE with products that may change effectiveness.
  • DO NOT swallow.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Store in a dry place 10°C – 35°C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  1. Lucy Flanagan

    This soap is a lifesaver! I have really sensitive skin and am prone to eczema. Anti-bacterial soap made my hands painfully red and rough. This soap has helped my skin heal and feels so much more hygienic. 10/10 recommend.

  2. Tommy

    I love this product and I have just placed another order. I find that it does not dry out my hands or leave a smell.

  3. Gail Stankler

    My hands have stopped flaking and cracking so much using EVAA+ Hand Soap.

  4. Debbie J (verified owner)

    Used this as my kitchen soap all winter and have had no cracked hands or dermatitis, despite lots of dog-related hand washing! That’s unheard of! It’s softened my hands too so I don’t need to use as much hand cream. Suspect you only notice the real value of this soap the moment you stop using it. As soon as I ran out, the dry & cracked hands returned within days.
    Could there be some other fragrance options too – maybe floral, cotton, almond or vanilla?

  5. Lynn (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this hand soap and it’s a real pleasure to use – smells divine too

  6. Heather

    This product is brilliant! My home is now chemical free, which prevents the panic I used to feel if my dogs ate something from the floor.

  7. Kay (verified owner)

    After meeting Joe at Crufts I have started using all the probiotic products to try and go as chemical free as possible in our home to benefit pets and people. I work with food so forever hand washing, my hands can get dry and sore. I’ve started using this and noticed an immediate difference, my skin is softer, supple and hydrated, I’m so impressed! I can’t take it to use at work as we can only use approved products in the food area and I notice such a difference, I now take the bottle to work and use it in my break, such a noticeable difference! Excellent product, delighted.

    • ingeniousprobiotics

      Thanks Kay for taking the time to let us know how much the hand soap is helping you, we really appreciate it!

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