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Natural Pet Coat Care Spray

A Pet Coat Spray that's Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Natural Pet Coat Spray

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Our Pet Coat Spray Reduces Skin Irritation, Inflammation and Itching

LUCAA+ Natural Pet Coat Care is a nourishing, natural spray that keeps dog and cat coats in a healthier, shinier condition.

The spray is enriched with naturally sourced Omega fatty acids, which deeply moisturise the hair follicles, fur, coat and skin. All ingredients are plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Rich in deeply nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.
  • Reduces skin irritation, itching and inflammation.
  • Chemical-free; no toxins, aluminium or parabens.

This Dog Coat Spray (also suitable as a cat coat spray) Improves Fur Condition During Moulting

Most dogs and cats naturally shed old and damaged hair (moult) twice a year, in the autumn and spring. Some breeds moult continuously. It is crucial to maintain the health of your pet’s fur during this time. If you’re looking for a dog deodoriser spray, look no further.

LUCAA+ Natural Pet Coat Care promotes a healthier environment for new hair to grow. The naturally sourced ingredients soak deeply into the animal’s skin as well as the fur.

This gives a noticeably healthier shine, even during moulting. The fatty acids contained in the linseed oil are essential for the structure and functioning of cell membranes. They transport oxygen at a cellular level, keeping the coat and skin in optimum, healthy condition.

Fatty acids also support natural metabolic processes. They actively reduce allergic reactions and skin irritation, itching and inflammation.

Use LUCAA+ Natural Pet Coat Care with LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Shampoo for best results. This is the best dog spray if you want a cruelty-free product.

You can find out more about dog odour and the main causes here.


Brush the coat thoroughly. Shake before use. Spray once a day onto dry fur and brush through lightly.

You can use this dog spray for smell or to look after their hair coat. It’s also suitable as a cat fur spray.

Additional Information





  • Water
  • Non-Ionic Surfactants
  • Emulsifier (Castor Oil)
  • Linseed Oil
  • Aloe Vera Aroma


  • Spray – 300ml
  • Bottle – 1 litre
  • Refill Bottle – 5 litres


  • DO NOT USE with products that may change effectiveness.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Store in a dry place 10°C – 35°C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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