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In-Duct Air Purification with Probiotic Air Dispenser


In-Duct Air Purification with Probiotic Air Dispenser

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Delivers Healthier & Safer Air on a Large Scale

The Ingenious In-Duct Purification System provides high grade air purification with the option to add probiotic hard and soft surface purification. Combining the two creates optimum cleanliness, indoor air quality and infection control. The system continuously cleans air and hard and soft surfaces – including privacy curtains and door handles – at a microbial level.

The system significantly reduces health-damaging indoor contaminants: pathogenic bacteria and viruses, bio-allergens (including pollen and mould spores), toxins and gaseous pollutants, and particulates down to 0.3 micron (including dust and microplastics). This creates a healthy and protective indoor environment.

The system is ideal for single and multiple room applications, including healthcare and veterinary practices, offices, laboratories, gyms, houses and hotels. It is especially beneficial for buildings that require infection prevention or improved indoor air quality (IAQ).

This innovative system can be also be incorporated into existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

  • Neutralises airborne viruses and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unpleasant odours.
  • Reduces bio-allergens and dust/microplastic particulates.

Removes Dust & Plastic Particulates from the Air

There is a science to clean and healthy indoor air. When probiotic surface purification meets high grade air purification the result is simple – superior indoor air quality that prevents infection and optimises human (and animal) health. It significantly reduces infectious airborne viruses, pathogenic bacteria – including MRSA, MERS, pneumonia, E. coli and C. difficile – and chemical and gaseous pollutants and carcinogens, including carbon monoxide, pesticides, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxides. It also improves allergy management by removing the triggers of allergic reactions – including pollen, animal dander and mould spores.

The Ingenious In-Duct System also significantly reduces dust and plastic particles down to 0.3 micron, which has a protective benefit. The body struggles to remove plastic fibres that are inhaled, and the long term health impact is not yet fully understood.


  • Can be retrofitted to existing HVAC systems.
  • Can be part of new installations.

Each project is designed for your needs, so please contact us for more information and a quotation.

Additional Information


  • Filter – Electrostatic MERV-13 needled fiber.
  • Power – 240V/50Hz.
  • Fuse – AGC 2 amps
  • UV Lamps – UVC Germicidal Wavelength – 254 nano-meters.
  • Titanium Catalyst – 12,200 cells/4,583 sq. in, of surface area.
  • Service Internals – Replace filter every six months (minimum) and UV lamps every twelve months.
  • Unit Dimension – 635mm x 254mm x 457mm.
  • Flange – 13mm around unit.
  • Unit Weight – 10kg
  • Shipping Box – 735mm x 280mm x 530mm weighing 13.5kg.

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