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EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray

Freshens Face, Ski & Cycle Masks, Gloves, Handbags, Dog Leads & Harnesses

EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray
EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray
EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray
EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray
EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray
EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray
EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray
EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray

EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray - 100ml Spray

Freshens Face, Ski & Cycle Masks, Gloves, Handbags, Dog Leads & Harnesses

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Our Best Face Mask Cleanser Spray

EVAA+ Probiotic Hygiene Spray keeps your fabric mask fresher, cleaner and more hygienic between washes. Your mask feels more comfortable, which helps you keep it on for longer periods of time. This both protects you when face coverings are a sensible precaution and help you be compliant when they are compulsory.

Our face mask hygiene spray has a core magical ingredient – beneficial ‘good’ bacteria (called probiotics), sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics create a protective barrier by introducing a natural, healthy micro-flora directly onto the fabric. This reduces facial skin irritation and inflammation under your mask (often called ‘facial mask acne’ or ‘maskne’).

It’s important to clean your face mask every few days at least so that it doesn’t start to smell. Everyone sweats, and things like makeup and face moisturiser can collect in your mask. We recommend spraying your mask with our probiotic spray 2 – 3 times a day and after every use.

Read our News Post to find out more: Preventing ‘Maskne’ – How Probiotic Hygiene Spray Protects Your Skin.

As well as this, our face mask spray removes organic dirt, stale saliva and unpleasant smells – including stale sweat. It has a natural and refreshing Aloe Vera scent.

  • Protects from ‘Maskne’ – facial irritation and inflammation.
  • Safe and hypo-allergenic formula.
  • Plant-based, free from harmful chemicals and sustainable.

Anti-Allergy Formula

EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray meets NF EN ISO 16000-9 and NF EN ISO 16000-11 (VOC) standards. Read our News Post for more information: New Probiotic Spray Improves Reusable Face Mask Hygiene.

The face mask refresher spray also helps if you suffer from organic-based respiratory allergies: the anti-allergy formula reduces symptoms caused by bio-allergens including dust mite, pollen and pet hair. Read more here: Hygiene Spray for Reusable Face Masks Helps Allergy Suffers.

Finally, EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray protects your mask’s effectiveness by reducing the washing frequency. Although washing your mask is always vital, intensive washing can make the fabric more permeable.

Face masks are proven to help prevent the spread of viruses. Use our spray to extend the life of your mask and wear it for longer.

NOTE: This product is for washable, material face coverings and must not be used for disposable surgical masks and FFP2. However, you can use the spray to increase the hygiene of other reusable textiles, including trainers, gloves and handbags. It also works well for fabric face masks used for cycling, skiing etc. as well as dog leads and harnesses.


Shake before use. Spray EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray directly onto your material face covering (or other textiles) and allow to dry approx. 10 minutes. Re-apply 2 – 3 times a day for best results.

Available in both a handy 100ml travel size and a 300ml bottle to keep in your home or office. Choose the one-litre bottle of our Face Mask Cleanser Spray for an eco-friendly refill option.

Why should I use EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray?

Face masks made from fabric such as cotton and polyester are a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria could make you poorly, irritate your skin and cause odours like a cheesy and musty smell. If that makes you gag, EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray will keep your mask clean and smelling fresher for longer.

Why Does my Face Mask Smell?

Face masks start to smell because they collect odour-causing bacteria. This is created by dead skin, sweat, saliva, makeup, moisturisers and water droplets from your breath. The smell is often described as cheesy and musty. You can keep your face mask smelling fresh with a probiotic face mask spray like the one we sell.

What Face Masks can EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Spray be Used On?

You can use EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray on non-disposable fabric masks, as well as face scarves and bandanas that are made from common fabrics like cotton. The probiotics in this spray remove the source of bad odours to keep your face mask smelling fresher for longer.

The probiotics in this face mask spray also introduce a natural micro-flora directly onto the fabric which is kind on your hair and skin.

How should I wash my face mask?

If you have a machine washable face mask, this is the correct method to use. Machine washing at 60°C with a household detergent will clean your face mask. You can use our face mask spray between washes to keep it smelling fresh.

If your face mask is not machine washable, you can wash it in a bowl using warm water, hand soap and a sponge. Lather your face mask and rinse well. Our probiotic hand soap is free from harmful chemicals, and can also be used with alcohol hand sanitisers and gels.

How Often should I Wash my Face Mask?

You should machine wash your face mask at least once per week, or wash with soap and warm water. In between washes you can use our face mask spray. A high-quality probiotic face mask spray is the best way to keep bad odours in check.

If you don’t wash your face mask every now and then, the inevitable result is it will start to smell. Not nice! It’s a good idea to have a routine for cleaning your face masks so you always have a fresh mask ready for when you pop out.

  1. Tommy

    I have been using the Mask spray for over 6 months now. I use it on my reusable face mask and find is pleasant to use. I am a probiotic convert

  2. srinivas22

    Thanks for sharing this useful information regards.
    face mask refresher

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EVAA+ Probiotic Products



EVAA+ Probiotic Products


  • Water (> 30 %)
  • Microorganisms (< 1 %)
  • Natural aloe vera aroma (< 1 %)
  • Castor oil (< 1 %)
  • pH regulator (< 1%)


  • 100ml travel size push spray bottle.
  • 300ml push spray bottle.
  • 1 lire eco-friendly refill bottle with screw cap.


  • Do not use in combination with other products.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Store in a dry place 10°C – 35°C.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • This product is not a medicine or medical device