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High Grade Air Purification

Introduce high-grade air purification into your building to create a safer indoor haven. Increases protection from airborne infection (including COVID-19), chemical pollution, traffic pollution, allergens, dust particulates and microplastics.

Our High-Grade Air Purification solutions are suitable for single rooms and floors to purify the air. They are used in hospitals, medical facilities, hotels and many other environments to create higher air quality. They work extremely well because they use multiple filtration stages.

For example, our Portable High-Grade Air Purifier with HEPA Filter has four filtration stages including two activated carbon filters.

You can use air purifiers with a HEPA filter to reduce transmission rates of viruses including the COVID-19 virus. HEPA filters block very small particles (smaller than those of the COVID-19 virus) whilst continuing to let air pass through it effortlessly

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In-room portable units purify one room at a time; the in-duct option transforms your ducted heating, ventilation and air conditioning into a delivery system for purified air. In this way, you can purify every room in your building.

In addition, our probiotic air dispenser can be added to the in-duct and in-room systems. This gently adds beneficial ‘good’ bacteria back into your environment, which restores and replenishes a healthy microflora. This is known to support better health and well-being.

All options are suitable for multiple applications – including healthcare and veterinary clinics, shops and offices – as well as your home.

Neutralises three main types of indoor air contamination

Ingenious high grade air purification creates a more hygienic indoor environment by neutralising:

  1. Airborne viruses and harmful bacteria – including Coronavirus, Norovirus, MRSA, E. coli and C. difficile.
  2. Bio-allergens, including mould, pollen and dust mite.
  3. Gaseous chemical pollutants (from cleaning products, building materials, furniture), air pollution bought in from outside; volatile organic compounds and dust and microplastic particulates down to 0.3 micron.


Combines three powerful technologies in one system

Three powerful technologies work together to increase effectiveness:

  1. F7 High efficiency needled fibre electrostatic filtration down to 0.3 micron.
  2. Germicidal UVC (ultraviolet C) light.
  3. Titanium photo-catalytic oxidation technology.

Helps meet CIBSE TM40 recommendations for indoor air hygiene

Cleaner indoor air helps to meet important CIBSE TM40 recommendations for wellness in the built environment. This means that air purification not only improves health, but boosts feelings of personal well-being.

Furthermore, improving indoor air quality and hygiene also reduces risks of long term illness caused by breathing poor quality air. Especially as indoor air pollution is now definitively linked to increased cardiac disease, allergies, asthma, pneumonia and lung cancer. What is more, the initial costs of improving air hygiene can mitigate against costly medical intervention further down the line.

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