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Land & Water Probiotic Range

The TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotic range is a highly effective and more responsible solution for land and water decontamination. The core active ingredient is high quality, beneficial ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics), naturally sourced from plants. Probiotics are one of nature’s most powerful assets: they work in a safe, natural and mechanical way to clean land, water, fuel and soil pollution at a deep microbial level.

Cost Effective and Easy to Use

TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotic products are a cost effective and easy-to-implement solution that can cover large areas of contamination. They efficiently reduce sludge, remove organic waste and minimise infection-causing opportunistic pathogenic bacteria. They re-balance water to prevent nitrate toxicity and they bio-degrade complex waste and hydrocarbon pollutants into chemically stable substances. They remove unpleasant odours, including sewage.

Introducing TERRAA+ probiotic products to land and water decontamination processes provides a highly effective, sustainable and socially responsible alternative. They enrich the environment as well as cleaning it, improving overall operational efficiency and return on investment. The products work best when specifically designed for the environment they are treating, so if you’re not sure of quantities please contact us for specialist advice on +44 1268 544530.

Safely, Simply & Effectively Clean Fuel & Soil Pollution

TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotics use the natural and organic process of bioremediation to safely clean environments contaminated by petroleum and carbon-containing products. They efficiently break down the long chain molecules found in chemical additives in hydrocarbons, which leads to the natural biodegradation of the hydrocarbons themselves. This provides an easy way to reduce hydrocarbon levels in an affected area to below the required limits. It can also prevent the need to excavate land and incinerate soil once the PAH level is lowered to meet requirements.

Bioremediation reduces the toxic burden by safely cleaning without the need for expensive, high intensity decontamination processes. A fuel spillage on a motorway can easily be cleared by simply containing the spillage, covering with dried probiotics, and waiting until the probiotics absorb the fuel. A similar process can be used to protect wildlife from oil spillages at sea.

Reduce Sludge Height in Lakes & Improve Water Quality

TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotics significantly improve water quality, purity, and visual appearance. They benefit many aquatic environments including lakes, ponds, biological pools, septic tanks – and even water parks. They are sustainable and biodegradable and respect the resident flora and fauna. The helpful probiotics significantly reduce the presence of opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria and improve the mineralisation of the aquatic ecosystem. They reduce mud and sludge height and the frequency of dredging requirements for lakes.

TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotics create a healthier and cleaner aquatic environment. They can be used in fish tanks, fish farms and for koi carp. They protect fish and animals from toxic nitrates by re-balancing the chemical values of nitrates, phosphates, and oxygen in the water.

TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotics are a healthier option than chlorine for swimming pools and hot tubs, as chlorine damages skin, hair, eyes and is becoming less effective due to antimicrobial resistance. (Please check if any relevant hygiene legislation specifies chlorine prior to use).

Reduces Sludge in Waste Water Systems
TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotics also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of water systems and reduce the quantity of sludge left after treatment. If Hydrogen Air Pollution (HAP) levels in the sludge are over a certain limit, it must be incinerated. Treating this sludge with TERRAA+ probiotics reduces the cost of transport and the need for environmentally harmful incineration. This allows the sludge to be used as agricultural fertilizer, which turns a potentially costly and negative situation in to a positive and profitable one.
Why use TERRAA+ Products?
TERRAA+ Land & Water probiotics ensure highly effective, easy to implement, sustainable and socially responsible decontamination, and the probiotics significantly improve water quality, purity, and visual appearance.
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Browse our range of products below or call us on +44 1268 544530 to discuss bulk/wholesale orders.

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