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Farming Care & Hygiene Probiotic Products

ANNAA+ Farming Care probiotic products help to solve common challenges in aquaculture, cattle, pig, sheep and poultry farming. The range is enriched with one of nature’s most powerful assets: high quality, beneficial (‘good’) probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics help to prevent bacterial infections prevention and are a safer and more responsible alternative to traditional synthetic and chemical cleaning agents.

How probiotic farming products work

Probiotics are historically used in feed and supplements to support the digestive system. However, they are now available to clean animal housing, drinking water and fish ponds at a deep microbial level. They promote healthy microbial balance and better welfare and faster development for poultry, fish and animals – without contributing to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). They minimise lost production costs by keeping animals healthy, productive and in the food chain. They significantly reduce opportunistic pathogenic bacterial infections such as mastitis, and prevent and heal wounds without antibiotics; ANNAA+ Wound Care Spray reduces MRSA by 99%. Look at what else switching to ANNAA+ green farming solutions can help you achieve:

  • Reduce wound healing time in a dairy cow from 15 to 8 days – without antibiotics.
  • Reduce mortality rate in a poultry farm by 30% & antibiotic & disinfectant use by 70%.
  • Inhibit opportunistic bacterial infections including Vibrio in aquaculture & mastitis in dairy farming.
  • Introducing ANNAA+ Farming Care probiotic products to aquaculture, cattle, pig, sheep and poultry farming will make these results yours. They improve infection prevention and will help achieve the UK Government’s ‘Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance’ target to reduce antibiotic use in animals by 25% by 2024.
Reduces the risk of bacterial infections in wounds
ANNAA+ Farming Wound Care Spray is a scientifically formulated probiotic spray that reduces MRSA by 99%. It works using the safe and organic process of bio-augmentation: the naturally-occurring plant-based, helpful probiotic bacteria simply crowd out and replace harmful, pathogenic bacteria that have entered the wound. They thoroughly clean at a deep microbiological level, removing biofilm and restoring healthy microbial balance. This action also increases the skin’s natural resistance to other potentially dangerous external influences. The health-enhancing probiotics speed up healing and reduce the need for antibiotics. The animal feels comfortable more quickly and can return to the herd and food chain without costly delays.
Reduces mastitis in dairy cows
ANNAA+ Farming Optimum Spray prevents dramatic reductions in milk quality and quantity caused by mastitis. The probiotics create a healthy, healing and cleansing microbial balance around the milk ducts. This substantially reduces the risk of developing an opportunistic bacterial infection. Antibiotics are far less likely to be required and the cows keep producing milk. If an infection does occur, healing times are reduced.
Reduces bacterial infections in housing & aquatic environments
Probiotics help keep living environments cleaner, healthier and safer. They significantly reduce outbreaks of opportunistic pathogenic bacteria that cause disease. They make drinking water safer, with no pathogens or chemical pollutants, which is vital for young and new-born animals. In aquatic environments they re-balance nitrate levels, reduce toxicity and prevent the growth of blue green algae.

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