Probiotic Animal Healthcare & Hygiene:

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Provilan Probiotic Animal Healthcare & Hygiene Products

Our animal Healthcare & Hygiene probiotic products cover a wide range of animals and uses. The Pet and Equine products include atopic allergy care, dental care, eye care, shampoo, wound care and much more for horses and companion animals. The Aquatic products includes Pond Optimiser, which improves water quality and habitat for fish, and the Farming range includes probiotic solutions for cleaning livestock sheds and water supplies.

How probiotic animal healthcare & hygiene products work
All our probiotic cleaning and hygiene products work by harnessing the naturally occurring plant-based ‘good’ or ‘helpful’ bacteria. Probiotics are one of nature’s most powerful assets. they provide a highly effective, safe and socially responsible alternative to toxic bleaches or chemical disinfectants. This is even more appropriate when we’re using these cleaning/hygiene products on or around animals (as well as humans!).
Available in small and large quantities
All our probiotic cleaning and hygiene products are available for individual use, or in larger quantities for wholesale. We supply both companies such as vets, healthcare practices, etc. – as well as wholesale companies who in turn supply to cleaning companies, etc. Whatever your requirement, we are here to assist. Simply call us on 01268 544530 or browse our products below.

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Cruelty-Free & Vegan
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Recycled & Recyclable
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Sustainable & Responsible