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Probiotic Product Improves Horse's Atopic Feather Mite Allergy

When care and hygiene products are enriched with beneficial ‘good’ bacteria called probiotics, they help animals – whether pets, horses or livestock – in a natural, safe and healthy way.

The LUCAA+ Equine probiotic range provides a complete spectrum of probiotic care and hygiene products to keep your horse fit, clean and healthy. Products range from dental care to hoof care, to probiotic stable cleaner and water supply cleaner.

The products are enriched with high quality, ‘good’ bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics are one of nature’s most powerful assets. They safely and thoroughly clean hair, skin, stables and drinking water at a microbial level. Also they restore a healthy, balanced microbiome, which naturally supports immunity and fosters better health.

They also help to prevent bacterial infections, and can reduce the requirement for antibiotics. Which do this without contributing to antimicrobial resistance (or AMR – where bacteria and other microorganisms evolve and develop resistance to previously effective treatments and antibiotics.)

All products are vegan and cruelty-free, with no pollutants, chemicals or toxins.

We recently received this fabulous testimonial for LUCAA+ Horse Probiotic Shampoo and LUCAA+ Horse Skin (Pastern) Care Spray from Gabrielle MacKenzie at Barleylands’ Equestrian Centre in Essex:

“My horse suffers from feather mites and his legs get so itchy and irritated he makes himself bleed from scratching. I bathed his legs in LUCAA+ Equine Probiotic Horse Shampoo, which was very kind on his skin and smelt amazing. The shampoo cleaned his legs so well his four whites were gleaming! You could immediately see this soothed the itchiness and irritation.

I also sprayed his legs with LUCAA+ Equine Probiotic Pastern (Skin Care) Spray. By the next morning the redness and swelling had already reduced significantly and so had the itchiness. He didn’t make himself bleed from scratching. I am very impressed with these products and highly recommend them.”

The two products Gabrielle used, LUCAA+ Horse Care Shampoo and LUCAA+ Horse Pastern (Skin) Care are both enriched with beneficial probiotics – but they work in their own individual, targeted way.

The shampoo thoroughly and gently cleans, moisturises and soothes, whilst restoring healthy microbial balance to the horse’s skin and coat. It is scientifically formulated to improve the horse’s well-being whilst removing dirt and stains. The helpful probiotics remove the root causes of infection, inflammation,  itching and unpleasant odours. They clean away harmful bacteria as well as bio-allergens that cause reactions – including pollen and feather mite faeces. The horse is cleaner and feels more comfortable.

LUCAA+ Horse Pastern (Skin) Care thoroughly and gently cleans the pastern cavity, restoring a healthy microbial balance. The helpful probiotics increase the skin’s natural resistance to opportunistic bacterial infection and other harmful external influences. It significantly reduces the risk of the horse developing pastern dermatitis (mud fever) when applied to the pastern cavity.

Gabrielle is so happy her horse is feeling better. Managing allergies and skin irritation in a natural, friendly way will (with continuing use) help prevent any further suffering and uncomfortable scratching for the horse.

If you’d like to find out more about probiotic products for your horse, simply click here to view the complete LUCAA+ Equine range.

If you’d like to talk to us about buying in larger quantities or trialling products for your equestrian centre or veterinary practice, call us on 01268 544530 and we’ll be happy to help.