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Probiotic Pet Care: Time To Add Natural, Healthy Balance to their Lives!

Restore Healthy Balance with our Probiotic Pet Care range…

We recently wrote this blog for The Good Vet and Pet Guide: Probiotics It’s Time to Balance Out Your Pet Care! – Blog – All articles – The Good Vet and Pet Guide

You look after your skin. You don’t wash with harsh chemicals that are abrasive and damaging long-term. But do you do the same for your pets?

While a specialised shampoo such as LUCAA+ Probiotic Dog Shampoo may not seem worth it, it absolutely is. LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Care products provide a complete range of naturally-sourced products to keep your pet fit, clean and healthy.

The products are enriched with beneficial ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics restore a healthy, balanced microbiome to your pets hair, skin and environment which naturally supports their immunity and fosters better health.

And they benefit all companion animals – reptiles, birds, hamsters and rabbits, as well as cats and dogs, to take care of your pet world.

All products are certified vegan and cruelty-free, with no harmful chemicals, toxins or pollutants. Explore the range or Contact us to find out more.

The Complete LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Care and Hygiene Range