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Probiotic Cleaning Reduces Chemical-Based Health Risks in Salons

Throughout lockdown, we were all longing for a little normality. In many cases, looking forward to hairdressers/barbers re-opening as the “lockdown haircut” was getting out of control. Thankfully most hair, beauty and nail salons have now re-opened. But cleaning more frequently with chemical-based products increases the cocktail of toxins salon workers are already exposed to.

Studies show that the continual exposure of salon workers to chemicals can lead to significant negative health conditions. With a strong trend towards cancers, neurological conditions, immune diseases and birth defects.

Products such as hair dye and other hair products contain chemicals that reduce indoor air quality and can damage health. Including formaldehyde, toluene and ammonium persulfate. A study by the National Library of Medicine shows formaldehyde is linked to anxiety and depression. Benzene in nail polish is linked to blood cancers and other chemicals are linked to dementia. Salon workers are at the particular risk as they are continually exposed to chemicals on a long-term basis. One study shows how some nail bars have higher levels of chemicals than oil refineries.

A big issue here though is that adding harsh chemical cleaning products designed to kill Coronavirus and other pathogens puts salon worker’s health at even greater risk.

The long term health risks of cleaning with chemicals are well documented in studies such as Health Risks in the Cleaning Industry. And the risks are now greater than ever as ‘Covid guidelines’ mean salons have to increase the frequency of their cleaning.

But the good news is, there are ways to make positive changes which benefit both salon workers and your clients. For example, formaldehyde-free keratin treatments and chemical-free hair colouring reduces exposure to chemicals instantly.

Switching from chemical-based cleaning products to chemical-free, plant-based products reduces overall exposure further.

EVAA+ probiotic eco-detergents clean thoroughly and effectively, without chemicals, and are effective against the Corona virus. They are enriched with high quality, beneficial ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics actively restore healthy ecological balance to the salon surfaces (the microbiome). This helps to support the immunity and well-being of the people working there.

EVAA+ probiotic eco-detergents make your salon eco-friendly and a healthier place to be:

  • Positively benefits the indoor environment in the salon and the well-being of staff (and clients).
  • Proven to be safer with no toxins, pollutants, chemicals or carcinogens.
  • Effective against Coronavirus.
  • Reduces bio-hazards – mould and unpleasant bio-odours.
  • A+ rated for indoor air quality.
  • Anti-allergenic – reduces pollen and dust mite allergies.
  • Naturally sourced, cruelty-free and vegan.
  • Eco-friendly – recycled and recyclable packaging, sustainable and responsible.

The range includes floor and surface cleaners, hand soap and washing up liquid – as well as EVAA+ Probiotic Face Mask Hygiene Spray Salon workers must wear a face covering all day during the pandemic, which soon becomes incredibly uncomfortable. The easy to use spray keeps face coverings and plastic face shields cleaner, more hygienic and more comfortable.

To find out more, browse our products here, or for queries about buying in wholesale quantities, simply call us on 01268 544530.