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Probiotic Cleaning & Air Purification Protects Hospital Patient's Health

Case Study: DENAA+ Healthcare Probiotic Bio-Cleaning Products were used in combination with Florence portable air purification to protect a hospital in-patient from developing a hospital acquired secondary infection:

The Problem
Dr. Paul Rogers was admitted to hospital in November 2019 with the life-threatening bacterial infection Staphylococcus oralis. The infection had laid dormant in his knee following total knee replacement surgery in January 2018. It entered his blood stream and caused infective endocarditis, which leads to valve replacement open heart surgery in one in four cases.

Paul was treated with intravenous antibiotics six times a day for six weeks. He then recovered in hospital for four months whilst awaiting major reconstructive knee surgery.  Paul then had a two-week period of no antibiotic treatment prior to surgery and was transferred to the side room of a ward for patients with serious infections.

It was critical that he did not contract a secondary or hospital acquired infection (HAI) that would delay his surgery or further endanger his health.

Ingenious Probiotics provided two separate measures that worked together to reduce the risk:
A sign was placed on the room door explaining the infection prevention measures in place. This was to stop unnecessary foot traffic and maintain the improved room air and cleanliness.

  1. Provilan DENAA+ Probiotic Bio-Cleaning Products
    The hospital gave Paul’s relatives permission to clean the room and bathroom daily using DENAA+ Healthcare floor cleaner, surface, sanitary and toilet probiotic cleaning products.DENAA+ vegan, chemical-free bio-cleaning products are specifically designed for environments at high risk of microbial invasion. Each product is packed with the natural cleaning power of ‘good’ probiotic bacteria. These helpful probiotics work in a safe, natural and mechanical way to inhibit the harmful pathogenic bacteria that can cause infections – without causing antimicrobial resistance. They restore and maintain a healthy and protective microbiome.

     DENAA+ Hand Soap was used for hand washing and by Paul when showering, for added protection.

    DENAA+ Air Optimiser spray was used to clean difficult to reach areas, soft furnishings and textiles and further protect against pathogenic bacteria.

  2.  Florence High-Grade Air Purification Portable Infection Prevention Unit 
    Florence was used in Paul’s room continuously to significantly reduce health-damaging indoor contaminants down to 0.3 micron. The unit combines three powerful technologies:
    • UVC light – reduces airborne viruses and pathogenic bacteria – including Covid-19.
    • Photo-catalytic oxidation reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unpleasant odours.
    • Passive electrostatic filtration reduces bio-allergens (including pollen and mould spores), dust and plastic particulates.

The Results
Paul did not contract any new infections whilst in his weakened state of health. His CRP inflammatory markers reduced from 339 down to 7mg/l. He fully recovered from his heart infection without needing open heart surgery.  This meant that he was able to undergo major reconstructive knee surgery in March 2020 as planned.

The Conclusion
Paul is currently recovering well at home. He says:

I would like to thank Ingenious Probiotics for providing me with the high-grade air purification machine and DENAA+ Healthcare probiotic cleaning products that helped my recovery and well-being, which was clearly evident for my family and medical professionals to see.”

The Consultant Cardiologist is discussing future trials within two NHS Hospitals for both DENAA+ probiotic bio-cleaning products and Florence.  He commented:

Paul’s heart recovered very strongly and the high-grade air purification machine and probiotic cleaning products played a big role in his recovery and well-being.”  

Many of the hospital staff commented on the remarkable air quality improvement inside Paul’s room compared with outside in the corridor. They also said that the room smelled fresh and clean. Both DENAA+ probiotic bio-cleaning products and Florence also eliminate the root causes of unpleasant odours. This further improved the air quality in the room.

The Follow Up
The recent Covid-19 pandemic has tragically highlighted the need to prevent infected hospital in-patients from developing secondary bacterial and hospital acquired infections: 

 – Studies have found that I in 7 patients hospitalized with Covid-19 has acquired a dangerous secondary bacterial infection.

 – 50% of patients who have died had such infections (The Lancet). 

However, these figures must be put into context:

– 67,747 people in England contracted serious bacterial infections (MRSA, MSSA, C. difficile, E. coli, Klebseilla and Pseudomonas) from April 2017 – April 2018.

– 64,936 of those infected died. (Public Health England).

And on a global scale:

– Every day, approximately 2000 people worldwide die as a result of resistant bacteria. (AMR Insights).

  – Between 17th November 2019 and 24th March, 2020 almost 16,500 people died whilst suffering from Covid-19.  But in the same time period, 258,000 people died from the effects of AMR.

Recommended Actions
This Case Study shows how combining probiotic hygiene cleaning with air purification helped one very ill in-patient recover more quickly, without developing a secondary infection.

However, a previously published Multi-Centre Research Study – Reducing HAIs with Probiotics showed benefits on a much larger scale:

 – Switching to a probiotic cleaning hygiene system reduced healthcare acquired infections (HAI) by 52% in six hospital medical wards.

Contact us to find out more.

Foot note: Ingenious Probiotics has donated a Florence to Queen’s Hospital in Romford, Essex to assist with Covid-19. The unit eliminates the Coronavirus.

Read Paul’s full testimonial.

Download the Case Study.