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Not Just for Veganuary! Vegan Cleaning Products are Always Healthy

Hundreds of thousands of people are giving up meat – and not just for their New Year ‘Veganuary’ resolutions. New data shows that people buying red meat is falling dramatically, and that this trend will continue throughout 2020.

But have you considered switching to vegan cleaning products as part of your ethical drive this year?

There are more ways to do Veganuary this year

Research company Kantor reviewed the shopping habits of 30,000 households. It found that around 1.3 million people gave up animal products for January 2019, with most of them doing so for the first time. Although many later returned to eating animal products, they did so in reduced amounts.

This change is part of a universal move towards a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle. People generally are starting to pay more attention to the environmental impact of their actions, food choices, products and services. There is a growing affinity for vegan-friendly brands that are developed without cruelty to animals. There is a move towards a cleaner and greener planet. 

Making the switch to vegan cleaning products

If you too are becoming more environmentally-conscious, switching to our eco-friendly, probiotic and vegan cleaning products is an easy step in the right direction. The ingredients in all our probiotic cleaning product ranges – for offices, homes, healthcare and gyms – are plant-based and vegan.  All ranges are cruelty-free and no ingredients are derived from or tested on animals.

Interested in switching to naturally sourced, plant-based cleaning products? Discover the range  or contact us to find out more.