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Natural Odour Remover Study – How Probiotics Eliminate Odours

Good news! This DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover study shows that you no longer need to cover up bad environmental odours with ‘nice smelling’ chemicals: This natural odour remover spray contains probiotics (‘good’ bacteria) that simply eliminate the organic molecules that are causing the smell. This reduces your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, which is far better for your health, your pets and the environment.

Although this study focusses on sweat odour, our range of probiotic odour eliminator sprays tackle other odours (pet odour, food smells) just as well. You can also explore natural odour removers for Pets and Homes below.

Probiotics are a Natural Odour Eliminator

Unpleasant smells have many causes – cooking smells, mustiness in your home, stale sweat in your gym, communal office smells, offensive washroom smells – or even coming from your loveable (but sometimes smelly) pet.

And just a hint of questionable odour can subconsciously affect perceptions: Homes feel unclean and workplaces appear unprofessional, even when they aren’t.

Removing unpleasant odours from indoor air is vital for good health and indoor air quality. This is important whether you are at home, at work or in the gym. A major cause of unpleasant odours is bacteria linked to organic elements of the decomposition process. These bacteria can grow on surfaces all around you and may smell terrible; they break down organic contamination and release compounds that have an unpleasant smell.

The Problem with Chemical Odour ‘Maskers’

Numerous studies show Toxic Chemicals in Air Fresheners are very bad for your health. They pollute indoor air and cause illness from asthma and allergies to cancer. These symptoms are even showing up in our beloved pets. (Read our article Polluted Pets to find out more).

The problem is, manufacturer’s can avoid listing toxic ingredients on the label by hiding them as ‘trade secrets’. This can put you at risk of chemical exposure and the associated risks without realising:

  • Benzene and formaldehyde are known to cause cancer.
  • Parabens are linked to breast cancer and hormone disruption.
  • Phthalates are linked to female reproductive system damage, birth defects, and lower sperm counts.

This means that a room that smells fresh can be misleading – and even unsafe. If an air freshener, scented candle or cleaning products with chemical deodorisers cover up the smell you could breathe in a continuous cocktail of chemicals. They just add toxins into your indoor air and mask smells without addressing the root causes.

This pollutes your indoor air, increases the risk of ill-health and worsens your indoor air quality. This is known to adversely affect health, and may trigger nasty reactions such as headaches and wheezing.

Why Choose Probiotic Odour Removers?

In contrast, our Provilan probiotic odour removers simply eliminate the organic molecules that cause bad odours. This removes the odour at its source.

Probiotics’ are healthy microorganisms (‘good’ bacteria), naturally-sourced from plants. They are good for the environment and are safe for respiratory and general health. They work in a natural way that improves indoor air quality.

In this way, probiotic odour control considers health and wellness in a way that chemicals do not. Whether for you, your family, your pets, your clients or your staff.

Probiotics Target Specific Odours

The helpful probiotics hibernate in spore form in the bottle. They wake up in the presence of food (in this case the different odour molecules) and target them specifically. For example:

  • DENAA+ Fitness Fresh is a natural odour remover for freshening up clothes. It’s ideal for sweaty trainers and gym kits.

This study focusses on how the probiotics in DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover eliminate odour molecules associated with sweat – acetic acid, butyric acid, ammonia and isobutylamine. The DENAA+ range is for offices and other workplaces, shops and busy public buildings where sweat odour can be a problem.

This study shows DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover meets standards of effectiveness: VDI 3882 Method – NF EN 13725 Standard.

How Probiotic Natural Odour Remover Eliminates Smells – Study

This scientific study shows how DENAA+ Provilan Probiotic Odour Remover eliminates the organic molecules responsible for unpleasant sweat smells – without chemicals. The active ingredient in this natural odour remover spray is ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics). These healthy probiotics feed on the organic molecules that cause bad smells:

  1. Upon application, a natural ingredient (commercial name Polyfix O Sorb) immediately neutralises the bad smell.
  2. A natural non-chemical aroma, based on organic extracts such as orange and basil, gives an immediate feeling of freshness.
  3. Meanwhile, the helpful probiotics encapsulate and decompose the molecule that is releasing the unpleasant odour. They break down the whole odour molecule as a natural food source.
  4. Unlike ‘bad’ bacteria, ‘good’ probiotic bacteria do not create smells: the gases they produce when decomposing organic contamination are non-odorous. This process takes around 5 to 15 minutes to take full effect and eliminate the root cause of the unpleasant odour. Timing depends on the type of surface and room temperature.
  5. The helpful bacteria create a natural competition with harmful bacteria. They compete for space and other food sources such as organic material, prebiotics, proteins and minerals. This natural competition is well-studied; it reduces the numbers of harmful bacteria and prevents them – and the accompanying odour – from returning.
  6. The probiotics continue to work for up to three days after application. This increases efficiency and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odours, keeping indoor spaces odour-free for longer. 

This test shows how probiotics eliminate the molecules associated with sweat – acetic acid, butyric acid, ammonia and isobutylamine.


This in vitro study tested sweat on synthetic sports jackets under three different test conditions. (In vitro means a ‘test tube’ study on microorganisms outside their normal biological context):

  1. Sweat was applied in equal measure to each sports jacket.
  2. Each jacket was subject to different test conditions
    – Jacket 1 – 4 sprays of probiotics only.
    – Jacket 2 – 4 sprays of DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover.
    – Jacket 3 – No sprays; control item.
  3. Each jacket was stored in a bag filled with air for analysis.
  4. A panel of accredited experts carried out the scent analysis using the VDI 3882 standards and methods of olfactometry:
    – The hedonic character, which is the perception of unpleasantness of an odour.
    – A description of the sweat odour itself.


The results show that the helpful probiotics – alone and in DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover spray – effectively eliminate the molecules associated with sweat odour.

Explore Alternative Provilan Natural Odour Removers

All our Provilan natural odour removers work in a sustainable way; they are safe for the environment and do not contain dyes. You can safely spray them into the air and directly onto your fabrics and textiles. All natural odour removers are PETA-certified as vegan and cruelty-free. Packaging is made using ocean recycled plastics and is fully recyclable.

natural odour remover spray for cats and dogs

LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Odour Remover

300ml spray designed for smells generated by our adorable pets! An ideal natural odour remover for pet wee smells, wet dog smells – and other pet smells too. Odour-free.

natural odour prevention for gyms

DENAA+ Fitness Fresh

100ml and 300ml anti-odour freshening spray for gym kit and trainers, gym bags, functional sports clothing and textiles. Ideal for sweaty items!

EVAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover

EVAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover

Safely removes smells around your home. Pet safe. Great for food smells and spilled milk, rubbish bins and food bins. Natural orange and basil aroma.

DENAA+ Probiotic odour neutraliser

DENAA+ Probiotic Odour Remover

300ml spray for commercial use. Proven effectiveness: VDI 3882 Method – NF EN 13725 Standard. Safe for indoor air and cleaning operatives. Available in a 5 litre refill can for commercial use. Natural orange and basil aroma.

It’s time to stop breathing in unnecessary harmful toxins and clean up your indoor air naturally. Any questions? Simply call us on 01268 544530 or email We are here to help!