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New Probiotic Spray Improves Reusable Face Mask Hygiene

Update 28/08/2020: The government have now announced that children in secondary schools will be required to wear face masks in areas with high levels of coronavirus. Make sure you have our hygiene spray to keep your child’s face mask clean and fresh, and help feel more comfortable during the day.

Update 24/07/2020: Now face masks are mandatory in public places, it is now even more essential to review the products which can help keep you safe, and keep you more comfortable in the long run. Specifically our EVAA+ Face Covering Probiotic Hygiene Spray mentioned in this article can make a large difference to the comfort of your face covering. It keeps material face masks cleaner, feeling more comfortable and lasting longer.

Evidence indicates that material face masks – even homemade ones – can slow the spread of Coronavirus. They are especially useful in confined, busy spaces – buses, trains, and shops – and if you are sick or caring for someone who is sick.  But re-usable cloth masks work by stopping potentially harmful droplets as the wearer breathes out – so can quickly become uncomfortable.

In the past two weeks, Probiotic Group have developed a brand-new product specifically designed for cleaning re-usable cloth masks, gloves and other textiles between washes:

EVAA+ Hygiene Spray introduces a natural, healthy microflora directly onto the fabric, which creates a protective barrier for the wearer. It breaks down organic dirt and eliminates unpleasant smells, including stale saliva and sweat. It is vegan, sustainable, non-toxic and non-irritating.  It has a similar anti-allergic formula to EVAA+ Air Optimiser, and reduces allergic reactions to bio-allergens present in pollen, pet hair and dust mite.

EVAA+ Hygiene Spray is enriched with carefully selected, beneficial probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. It is not toxic to living organisms and is not harmful to the lungs. It is not a disinfectant – these can be harmful to the respiratory tract.

The spray is scientifically validated by various independent European organisations.  The toxicity and allergen report issued by a Belgian laboratory shows the spray meets NF EN ISO 16000-9 and NF EN ISO 16000-11 (VOC) standards. The safety data sheet is also available on request.

The active ingredients consume organic waste matter, e.g. pollen, mite excrement and animal dander pheromones (found in animal hair).  Added biotechnology activates a safe, natural and mechanical process called bio-augmentation. The mass of helpful probiotic bacteria re-balance and optimises the microflora to provide adequate protection. They simply out-compete the pathogenic (harmful) bacteria for space and organic food matter. This prevents the pathogens from proliferating and colonising.

How Probiotic Cleaning Products Decompose Viruses
Researchers at Probiotic Group recently wrote an article on our Hand Soap, demonstrating the process of virus decomposition through available scientific literature. The physicochemical properties of the molecules of a detergent or soap make it possible to deactivate a virus – including SARS CoV-2, which is responsible for the current pandemic. The detergent acts on the most sensitive part of the virus: its envelope or double lipid layer. This membrane is vulnerable to detergent because it is composed of lipids. The surfactants in our detergents and soap dissolve the double lipid layer and deactivate the virus.

Probiotics remove dirt and organic matter – including proteins, lipids, sugars, etc. – from surfaces to be decontaminated. A detergent or soap containing probiotics and enzymes has characteristics that increase the action of detergents (Tsiaprazi-Stamou et al; 2019). The cleaning product range works without causing the anti-microbial resistance and health dangers for users normally associated with biocide chemicals.

 – Spray 100ml (low stock – check availability).
– Spray 300ml.

 – Spray once inside the reusable cotton / polyester / polypropylene mask.
– Allow to dry for approximately 10 minutes.
– Replace the mask.

 – Repeat 2 – 3 times a day and wash your mask about every one to two days at the recommended temperatures.

Please note
 – Intensive machine washing can make your mask permeable; follow your supplier’s and national health institution instructions.
– We advise using white reusable masks in order for consumers to see the dirt in the inside of the mask.

This product is not suitable for disposable surgical masks and FFP2, the national recommendations for these are as follows:
– A surgical mask is designed for single use. It should be changed as soon as it becomes wet and at least every 4 hours.
– A removed FFP mask must not be re-used. The wearing time must comply with the instructions for use. In all cases, it will be less than 8 hours on a single day.

If you are interested in distributing this product, contact us by email at or call 01268 544530. More information about the product can be viewed here.