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Natural Eye Care for Dogs – a Probiotic Eye Care Case Study

Dogs, Just like us, can suffer from a variety of eye-related issues – from mild irritation to itching, infection and more serious conditions. However, too many antibiotics and other medical treatments can disrupt the delicate balance of the eye’s microbiome and lead to a cycle of poor eye health requiring more and more treatments…

However, a new era in pet eye care is here! In this case study, we explore how topical probiotics promoted eyelid healing by restoring a healthy eye environment for Golden Retriever Bella. These live, friendly microorganisms are working in harmony with Bella’s natural eye ecosystem to combat harmful bacteria and restore a healthy eye microbiome. This natural healing solution offers a fresh take on healthy eye care for all our four-legged friends (including cats, rabbits, horses and other pets).

Introducing our first Guest Blog by Anna Webb. As a Canine Nutrition and Behaviour expert, Anna combines her psychology degree, with study at the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT) and over 20 years – experience. Host of the award-nominated A DOG’S LIFE podcast, she lives in London, and is owned by Prudence, a Miniature Bull Terrier and Mr Binks, a re-homed English Toy Terrier.

The Need for Natural Solutions – Exploring the Benefits of Pet Probiotic Eye Care

Bella, a beautiful almost two-year old Golden Retriever presented with an ear infection in April, caused by a yeast overgrowth. Her owner, Sophie Winters, treated her ears with antibiotic medication supplied by her vet. Bella’s ears were treated twice, with the yeast persistently remaining in her right ear only.

In May this year Bella presented with an infection on her eyelid that was treated with a topical medication, which combines antibiotics, antifungal and anti-inflammatories, including polymyxin B, miconazole and prednisolone.

The infection cleared, but soreness returned in July. This time Bella was treated with an antibacterial veterinary eye wipes. On this occasion there were no typical symptoms like ’gunk’ or conjunctivitis to suggest the eyelid was infected.

By mid-August a dramatic flare up occurred, and Bella’s eyelid became sore and infected once again.  A possible cause cross contamination when out playing with a neighbour’s dog who had ‘gunky’ eyes:

natural eye care solutions for dogs

Bella’s eyelid was very red and sore

Natural Dog Eye Care Solutions in the Pet Industry

Sophie spoke to Helena Bramma of Poochie Park and Raw Food Pet Pantry. As a stockist of the ‘probiotic range LUCAA+, Helena recommended trying a holistic, natural alternative for Bella involving diet and supplements, integrating Probiotic health care solutions, harnessing her interest in zoopharmacognosy. Helena explains:

“At Poochie Pantry we focus on natural, balanced and complete raw wholefoods offering a variety of brands to cater for the range of tastes, textures, protein sources and health needs of all our doggy clients.  We understand that by promoting better digestion, a raw diet helps reduce inflammatory responses in the body.  Along with helping alleviate allergic symptoms, stiffness and arthritic symptoms, to reducing recurring atopic conditions. We believe that the relationship of the gut’s microbiome is promoted by fuelling it with good bacteria that’s found naturally in fresh, wholefoods. Many dogs fed on an ultra-processed (heavy starch) based diets can develop a build-up of yeast in their bodies, which is oftentimes difficult to shift and re-balance. I suggested to Sophie to switch her diet and add variety of different proteins and avoid sugary fruits and vegetables to balance her yeast ‘load’. I also recommended added carrot seed oil to Bella’s diet as a powerful anti-inflammatory, rich in omegas and polyphenols.”

Helena also suggested combining LUCAA+ Probiotic Eye Care as an alternative to ‘antibacterial’ solutions. The difference being that the LUCCA+ range optimises probiotics (sourced from plants) to boost the presence of ‘good bacteria’ and promotes natural healing by re-balancing the ‘microbial’ environment on the skin on and around the eyes and eyelids.

Pet eye cleaner


LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Eye Care

    • Maintains eye health and hygiene.
    • Prevents infections.
    • Reduces inflammation & redness.
    • Reduces discomfort & itching.
    • Easy to use – apply with a clean cloth or cotton pad.




By reducing any influx of ’bad’ bacteria, LUCAA+ helps minimise bacterial infections and allergic symptoms. Used regularly it naturally reduces the risk of common conditions such as conjunctivitis. It can also reduce irritation and reactions to bio-allergens such as pollen and dust mites.

natural eye care for dogs and cats

Two weeks later, Bella’s eye was looking and feeling much better


Balancing Bella’s Living Environment with Probiotic Cleaning 

In Bella’s case Helena also recommended switching her household cleaners to those offered by EVAA+ which similarly harnesses the power of probiotics to keep indoor environments and outdoors ‘clean’, but healthy by balancing the microbial location naturally without the use of harsh chemicals.

dog safe and cat safe cleaning products

EVAA+ Pet Safe Probiotic Cleaning Products can be used in place of common household cleaning chemicals including cleaning sprays, air fresheners and harsh detergents. 


As dogs love sniffing around, they are prone to inhaling chemical residues, and volatile organic compounds found in all scented products from air fresheners, surface cleaners, washing detergents, even washing up liquids. With supersonic olfaction and  faster metabolisms than humans, such manmade chemical compounds are absorbed efficiently contributing to your dog’s ‘body burden’, negatively impacting on the immune system’s ability to fight bacterial infections.

Sophie Winter explains:

“I’m so happy to have been ‘awakened’ to the power of Probiotics! The switch to the LUCAA+ Eye Care, with daily application has in just two weeks transformed Bella’s eyelid to well on the way to perfect health. As for our home environment I’m very excited for us all to benefit from a cleaner, and less ’sterile’ environment, which I hope will also pay dividends for Bella.”

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EVAA+ Pet Safe Probiotic Cleaning Products

Note: LUCAA+ Eye Care is a natural, probiotic eye care solution for dogs, cats, horses and other animals. However, it is important to complete any prescribed treatment and we always recommend seeking veterinarian advice for a proper diagnosis of your pets specific eye condition or if in any doubt.