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Probiotic Cleaning Protects from E. Coli from Poor Toilet Hygiene

“The likeliest route of transmission for ESBL E. coli is directly from human to human, with faecal particles from one person reaching the mouth of another.” This was the unsavoury research results from yesterday’s Sky News.  Scientists have found that most E. coli superbug infections are caused by harmful strains in human faeces rather than uncooked meat… But what do you do if you share your environment with someone who just doesn’t wash their hands? Well, you can firstly improve your own hand washing if you need to; but for real protection you can switch to microbial cleaning products that inhibit E. coli from causing infections. Fortunately, a laboratory study showed how our Provilan microbial cleaning products (packed with helpful probiotic bacteria) eliminated all E. coli colonies in a Petri dish. Wouldn’t that make you feel a little bit safer? Read the full E. Coli Research Study here. There are around 40,000 E. coli cases in England every year. Around 10% of these are caused by antibiotic resistant strains with extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBLs). ESBLs are enzymes that can break down certain types of antibiotics – including cephalosporin, penicillin, fluoroquinolone, trimethoprim and tetracycline.  This seriously limits options for oral treatment and makes infections much harder to treat successfully. Which is why it is so vital to prevent dangerous E. coli infections from occurring in the first place. Contact us to find out more.  You can read the full Sky News story here: