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Probiotic Cleaning Makes the Recovery from Coronavirus Greener

Over the last 3-4 months, there has been an astronomical surge in the use of chemical cleaning products. Understandably, you want to feel ‘safe’ and using bleach or aggressive chemical cleaners is a simple way to do that. But have you thought about where those cleaning chemicals end up? A greener alternative is probiotic cleaning.

Every time you rinse your mops and sponges or flush bleach down the toilet… the chemicals all go down the drain and enter our water system. This is the way it has been for many, many decades… and it’s the water treatment company’s role to clean the water and make every effort to remove the cleaning chemicals, before being re-circulated into rivers, streams and oceans.

The trouble is that ultimately this leads to two main problems. The first is the amount of energy required to remove chemicals is significant, and secondly, not all the chemicals always get removed. Subsequently, this leads to contamination of wildlife, and even our food and water supplies.

Going Green with Probiotics

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has said specifically, that the Covid-19 Pandemic can still become “a historic turning point in tackling the global climate crisis”. The UK has shown that in the majority when faced with an invisible threat, like Covid-19, we can all co-operate and act for the greater good. Everyone rallying together through lockdown, staying at home, and supporting the NHS has shown that when we realise how serious the matter is, we do act.

Climate change is such a slow-impacting change to the World, that it’s so very easy to ignore. Covid-19 took just weeks to change life as we knew it, but the environmental changes are slow, and it’s easy to fall into habits which are “easier”. The great thing about our probiotic products is, that they’re effective – but also totally environmentally friendly.

This means it’s never been easier to “go green” and start doing your part for the environment. Our range of products are excellent for cleaning around the home, office or other environments such as healthcare, veterinary and more… And not only do the cleaning products kill the Coronavirus, they’re all plant-based, vegan, chemical and toxin-free – and the containers are made from ocean recycled plastic (and are still fully recyclable).

They’re A+ rated for indoor air quality and are scientifically proven to be safe for operatives (such as cleaning staff) as well as being perfectly safe and beneficial around your home, children and pets.

At a time where the UK is looking to get greener than ever before, and in a time when we all know we need to “do our bit”, it’s worth exploring our range of probiotic-enriched cleaning products.

How Do Probiotic Cleaning Products Work?

Our cleaning products make use of probiotics, natural ‘good’ bacteria sourced from plants. These bacteria work in a mechanical way where they essentially ‘eat’ the bad bacteria and pathogens. As an added benefit, this means that our products don’t contribute to the ever-increasing problem of anti-microbial resistance ( or AMR – which causes more and more antibiotics to simply stop working). Quite simply, our products help protect the effectiveness of antibiotics.

What are the top features?

  • A+ rated for respiratory safety – no toxins, chemicals, pollutants or carcinogens
  • Reduces harmful bacteria
  • Effective against Coronavirus
  • Reduces bio-allergens that trigger respiratory and skin allergies (pollen, dust mite faeces & animal dander) and unpleasant bio-odours
  • Eco-Cert certified for naturalness & sustainability
  • Completely safe for long-term use by cleaning operatives
  • Improves wastewater quality & safety – continues to clean inside pipework when discarded down the drain
  • Socially responsible, biodegradable
  • Non-irritating, hypoallergenic & suitable for sensitive skin
  • PETA certified & animal cruelty-free
  • Supplied in recyclable containers made using ocean recycled plastic
  • Non-mutative & SGS & EPA approved (Euro Class 1 / Group 1)

Explore our range of products here.