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Long-Term Effects of Cleaning Products: Worse Than You Think…

It’s often easy to underestimate how important cleaning staff are. It’s easy to forget how much time and effort goes into making indoor environments safe – whether medical, offices, gyms or veterinary practices etc.

Our front-line NHS nurses, doctors and key-workers are the heroes helping us through the current pandemic, and they have our nation’s heartfelt thanks.

But they can’t do their job effectively without a clean environment.

In the same way, a veterinary practice can’t look after and treat animals without ensuring surfaces are clean, and that infection risk is minimised.

Fitness and wellness centres also can’t look after and improve their clients’ health without ensuring surfaces and equipment are clean, and that infection risk is minimised.

The problem right now of course, as reported here, is that cleaners are not classified as key workers.

This means they’re not currently automatically able to get tested for Coronavirus. They need to be extra vigilant and ensure cleaning products they use both at work, and when they return home, kill the virus.

The subsequent issue with this increased use is that – due to the toxic nature of many cleaning products – their longterm health is still at risk.

Your Health is at Risk From Chemicals

In an article we wrote back in October about our probiotic cleaning products, we reported that a ten-year study showed cleaning operatives (excluding smokers) were 58% more likely to develop lung cancer than office workers.

The study should be taken very seriously, and when you think about it, the results do make sense.

Cleaning products are essential, and we must use them throughout our lives. (Studies show that clean work environments result in less sickness, which is better for businesses and employees!).

However, they’re still, for the most part, chemical solutions designed to kill microorganisms. The knock-on effect is that they can be toxic to touch or inhale. It’s almost impossible for a cleaner to go about their daily operations without coming into contact with cleaning materials or breathing them in.

Make Your Work Safer with Probiotic Cleaners

This is where probiotic cleaning products can be the salvation… and our Provilan ranges whether DENAA+ Healthcare (Bio-Cleaning), DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness, and EVAA+ Commercial & Residential cleaning products – are all non-toxic, and safe to be around long term.

Looking closer at our DENAA+ Healthcare bio-cleaning range, the products are higher strength. They are specifically designed for areas at higher risk of microbial invasion and with higher footfall.

They are especially beneficial for hospital and medical environments, care homes, clinics, veterinary surgeries, dentists and schools.

But even with that strength, they work in a safe, natural, mechanical way. This is because they’re made from natural products with no toxic chemicals; just ‘good’ probiotic bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

They inhibit pathogenic bacteria without causing them to mutate and develop resistance. This reduces the risk of contracting bacterial infections, helps reduce associated antibiotic use and reduces antimicrobial resistance.

And they do all this, without any long-term risk to health, meaning cleaning staff can go about their daily lives with one less worry. After all, the pandemic will be over, and that fight will be won.

But an equally important fight is to ensure the health and wellbeing of you and your cleaning staff.

Whether you’re looking for yourself, or your cleaning company, or you provide wholesale cleaning products, we can deliver our outstanding range of cleaning products in the quantities you need.

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