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Itchy Dog Spray – A Probiotic Pet Allergen-Free Case Study

Constant itching and scratching is a concern for many dog owners. There are many possible causes – from seasonal and environmental allergies, to flea bites and sensitivity to chemical shampoo. It makes life miserable for your beloved pet – and for you!

This news post shows how our probiotic ‘itchy dog spray’ (LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Allergen-Free Spray) significantly improved Molly’s itchy, red and flaky skin in a natural way.

Note: This case study focusses on dogs but all our pet care products are suitable for cats and other pets too.

“I’m just so pleased about the results and keen to share – having an ‘itchy’ dog can feel like you’re fighting an endless battle; quite often what you might think will help can actually make things so much worse!” LISA MORTIMORE

The Problem

Molly the rescue dog was really suffering from red, sore patches of dry itchy skin and a rash on her back and around her tail. Her hair was thinning and she was constantly itching and scratching.

Lisa, Molly’s owner, believed the symptoms were caused by an allergy – possibly to flea saliva. However, she had tried ‘literally everything’ including flea treatments, antiseptics, antihistamines and hoovering every day. A single protein raw diet improved Molly’s health generally. Colloidal silver cream calmed the itching but had not resolved the root cause.

Lisa wanted to avoid chemicals, antibiotics and steroids as Molly had previously suffered from neurological problems that were worsened by chemicals.

Meet Molly

Lisa said “I just hate seeing her suffer and as we leave the house a bit more (after lockdown) and she’s left alone a little more, I’m worried she’s going to be scratching herself raw and infections will set in.”

The Solution

Lisa applied LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Allergen-Free spray three times daily to the sore and hair loss areas, as well as other exposed areas including Molly’s tail, under carriage and outer ears.

As Molly is a little jumpy, Lisa used saturated cotton wool rather than spraying directly onto her skin. She also sprayed onto a brush before gently brushing through Molly’s coat. Lisa also washed and then sprayed Molly’s bedding.

Dog skin allergy spray

LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Allergen-Free Spray 300ml

The spray contains healthy ‘good’ bacteria (from plants) called probiotics. The probiotics restore a healthy microbiome when applied to your dog’s skin. They work in a natural way to eliminate the source of the itching and reduce the itchiness, making your dog less likely to scratch and cause further damage.

  • Prevents allergies.
  • Significantly reduces itching.
  • Targets organic allergens (food for the probiotics).
  • Easy to use: spray directly to fur and surrounding surfaces.
  • Made with natural and controlled ingredients.
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and other furry pets.


Lisa gave us these updates when using our probiotic itchy dog spray over the following weeks:


Molly had red, sore patches of dry, itchy skin and a rash on her back and around her tail. She had thinning hair and was feeling uncomfortable with the constant itching and scratching.

Itchy Dog Spray

After One Week:

“There’s definitely been a slight improvement; Molly’s back is less red and the hair has started to come back a little bit. Her skin has definitely improved, the spray seems to soothe and calm the skin. Once applied, she doesn’t tend to scratch it.”

Itchy Dog Spray

After Three Weeks:

“It really seems to have helped control the itching on her back; it’s a lot less angry, she’s much less irritated and her hair is starting to regrow. It’s slow progress but I can definitely see an improvement.”

(*Although the spray may reduce itching immediately, restoring and resetting a healthy, balanced skin (the microbiome) can take a little patience. Read our news post Microbiome in a Bottle to find out more)

After Ten Weeks:

“It’s been a rapid transformation… her coat and skin have improved so much.  I only use the spray once a day now just to keep the skin moist and cool. Thank you again for your amazing product and advice!”

Follow Up

Six months later, Lisa only needs to use the allergy spray occasionally if Molly has a flare-up. During this time she also gave Molly oral probiotic supplements (we only provide topical treatments) and used LUCAA+ Probiotic Dog Shampoo when Molly needed a bath.

If your dog suffers from environmental and seasonal allergies, you may find the LUCAA+ Dog Skin Allergy Remedy Pack useful (currently with a free Probiotic Hand Soap!).

Read more about itchy dogs and how topical probiotics help pet allergies in our Pet Allergy Management News Posts.

Download the case study.

NB: The spray is not a flea treatment, but probiotics can help because they compete with flea larvae for food.

IMPORTANT: Always consult a vet if in doubt or if symptoms persist. Read our Open Letter to Vets for further information.

Note: LUCAA+ Allergen-Free spray was previously called LUCAA+ Allergy-Free.