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Introducing DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness Cleaning Products

The DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness Range can replace harsh chemicals in your gym or sports facility. Discover the new brochure here.

Keeping your gym and sports facilities clean will be your biggest priority once COVID-19 lockdown restrictions end and customers come back. 

You are probably tempted to stock up on chemical cleaning products because they are proven to destroy the Coronavirus and other viruses and harmful bacteria.

The logic behind this is sound, but chemical cleaners have several disadvantages for gyms and other leisure facilities, including:

  • Chemicals can trigger allergies that cause sneezing and coughing fits.
  • Chemicals can trigger asthma.
  • Chemical cleaners don’t provide lasting hard surface protection.
  • Chemicals can damage gym equipment including vinyl, rubber and metal.
  • Chemicals can create localised superbugs due to antimicrobial resistance.

If these disadvantages have you questioning chemical cleaners in your gym, we have a solution that solves all these problems.

Introducing the DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness Range

New DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness products for gyms are free from harmful chemicals, additives, pollutants and toxins. Like all detergents, the surfactants in this product range destroy the COVID-19 virus and other viruses and bacteria.

DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness Probiotic Cleaning Products

All products in this range are:

  • Non-corrosive and non-damaging to gym equipment.
  • Safe for repeated use on all materials.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • Sustainable and up to 99% naturally sourced.
  • PETA certified as vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Continues to protect hard and soft surfaces hours for up to 3 days after application.

DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness products are powered by probiotics – healthy bacteria that clean more than visible dirt: they actively restore a healthy ecological balance.

The good bacteria (probiotics) simply outcompete the bad bacteria, safely removing harmful contaminants in a natural, mechanical way without the use of chemicals.

This mechanical action safely inhibits harmful bacteria and significantly improves hygiene, with a reduction in bio-allergens, odour molecules and dirt and grease. Gym smells, sweat and other nasties are safely removed from equipment!

Products and Features

All the products below have the following features:

  • Safe for 24/7 use in gyms.
  • Free from harsh chemicals and irritants.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Vegan.
  • Plant and water-based.
  • Surface active substrates.
  • Effective against viruses and harmful bacteria, including COVID-19.

DENAA+ Clean (all-purpose cleaner)

DENAA+ Clean is your ‘do-it-all’ hard surface spray for cleaning surfaces, free weights, racks, machines and gym equipment every day.

This product offers exceptional cleaning power and the probiotics successfully eliminate odours including stale sweat. Because it’s biodegradable and free from corrosive chemicals, it’s safe to use as often as you need to in your gym.

DENAA+ Drain & Toilet Cleaner

DENAA+ Drain & Toilet Cleaner can replace chemical-based limescale removers in your toilet and washroom facilities to eliminate the smell of chemicals.

This product removes hair, skin scales, soap particles, salts, fats, oils, greases, haircare products, makeup and much more from surfaces and sewage pipes, helping to keep all your toilets and plumbing works in good order.

DENAA+ Floor Cleaner

DENAA+ Floor Cleaner is suitable for all rigid gym flooring including EPDM rubber flooring, vinyl flooring, wood, laminate and polyurethane.

We supply this product in 1-litre and 5-litre bottles as a concentrate. One litre makes 100-litres of floor cleaner at 18p per litre. Five litres makes 500-litres of floor cleaner at 13p per litre. Depending on usage, this should last 6-12 months.

DENAA+ Hand Soap

DENAA+ Hand Soap can replace liquid soap in your hand dispenser machines or be used in its own bottle for easy portability.

DENAA+ Hand Soap is hypoallergenic and non-irritating with aloe vera gel to moisturise and soften skin. It cleans and protects brilliantly.

DENAA+ Fresh (textile spray)

DENAA+ Fresh is a textile refresher spray that reduces the need for washing textiles in-between washes. It’s most useful for gym equipment with fabrics, like trainers, boxing mitts, fabric straps and cable accessories like hand grips.

This product eliminates the need for chemical sprays. It removes bad odours mechanically and the effects last for 24-hours.

DENAA+ Odour Remover

DENAA+ Odour Remover is an air optimiser spray that safely removes unpleasant odours from the air without harsh chemicals.

You can spray DENAA+ Odour Remover as needed in your gym to reduce smells such as body odour and stale sweat. The probiotics eliminate the root causes of smells, rather than just masking them.

DENAA+ Wash (laundry detergent)

DENAA+ Wash is a laundry detergent powered by probiotics. It thoroughly cleans towels and textile equipment and keeps them smelling fresher for longer.

DENAA+ Wash has a fruity pomegranate aroma. It supports washing at 30°C and only needs a 20-minute cycle to perform powerful cleaning.

DENAA+ Water (water cleaner)

DENAA+ Water is a chlorine replacement for hot tubs and swimming pools. It can replace chlorine without the use of harmful chemicals.

This product works with a 1:1000 ratio for pools and a 1:10000 ratio for Jacuzzis and hot tubs. It can also be used for EMS equipment to clean electro-muscle stimulation jackets. It can be used for low and high-pressure applications.

Further reading

If you’re on the fence about chemicals and probiotics, read our article Why Probiotics Beat Chemicals for Gym Cleaning During COVID-19.

You can also find out more about the DENAA+ product range with our DENAA+ product brochure, which covers each product in great detail.

Shop the DENAA+ range today or contact us for more information and wholesale prices and discounts.