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New! DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness Probiotic Cleaning Product Range

Why you should consider natural, probiotic cleaning products for your gym or spa…

Ever go to the gym and wonder what has joined you for your work out? The  Bacillus bacteria on the treadmill; the E. coli bacteria on the floor, Pseudomonas bacteria in the jacuzzi… the bacteria in stale and smelly sweat…?

Prefer a healthier, fresher smelling and more inviting environment that is thoroughly clean at a deep microscopic level?  That is not just visibly clean from dirt, but that protects you from these disease-causing bacteria as well as eliminating the unpleasant stale sweat odours, and reducing the other bio-hazards including skin flakes and dust mite faeces?

If so, you will be interested in the new DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness probiotic cleaning product range. All products are packed with expertly chosen, high quality, ‘good’ bacteria called probiotics.  They are non-polluting, non-corrosive, vegan and safe for operatives and the environment.

If you are interested in supplying this highly effective, sustainable alternative to chemicals and disinfectants, get in touch! After all, we are something of a specialist when it comes to natural cleaning products for your gym and spa.

See the whole range here:

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