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Hygiene Spray for Reusable Face Masks Helps Allergy Sufferers

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote an article about the new Hygiene Spray for reusable (non-disposable) face masks. Whilst the spray doesn’t kill the Corona virus, it does make wearing a fabric mask a better experience.

The spray is enriched with beneficial plant-based probiotics, which reduce sweat, saliva and smells… This also makes the masks last longer, as they don’t need to be washed as often (a lot of washing means they end up more permeable and less effective).

This gives you a much more environmentally-friendly option than wearing disposable masks; especially at a time when the whole world is wearing them.

The spray is based on a formulation that was developed for respiratory and skin allergy sufferers caused by organic allergens. The probiotics safely consume the pollen, mould, dust mite droppings etc., all of which can trigger uncomfortable allergic reactions.

It can be especially helpful when the pollen count is high – can make mask wearing much more comfortable for people who suffer from hay fever/allergies.

So, in a world, where we’re slowly making our way to a new normal, and we all need to consider wearing a face mask, the EVAA+ Hygiene Spray could be your perfect companion. As an added benefit, just like all our products, the spray is vegan, cruelty free, uses only natural ingredients and – one of the key points of our products – is free from harmful chemicals and is sustainable.

As an additional benefit to this product, it can also be used for other items of clothing/textiles, such as gloves or trainers. Because it eliminates unpleasant smells such as stale sweat, it can help you re-use products more frequently between washes, which is another plus for the environment.

If you’re heading outside frequently already, a facemask is a must… and this truly is a must-have item as a companion for face masks.

To find out more about the product (and how to buy) click here or if you’d like to discuss purchasing in larger quantities for re-sale or wholesale, simply call us on 01268 544530.