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How Probiotic Cleaning Reduces Infections & Antimicrobial Resistance

Ingenious probiotic (microbial) care and cleaning products packed with probiotic ‘good’ bacteria give you a safer and more effective clean.

The word ‘bacteria’ can feel instinctively negative, but not all bacteria are created equal. Some bacteria are harmful, pathogenic and infection-causing (‘bad’); others are helpful, probiotic and health-enhancing (‘good’). These helpful probiotic bacteria are one of nature’s most powerful assets. They clean whatever they touch at a deep microbial level. Establishing healthy microbial balance between probiotic and pathogenic bacteria is critical for real cleanliness, infection prevention and maintaining wellness.

How Traditional & Chemical Cleaning Agents Fuel Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is when bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites progressively resist previously effective treatments. It is a tenacious and growing global crisis that fuels hospital-acquired and multi-drug resistant infections. AMR causes unnecessary suffering, untimely deaths and unfathomable costs. The overuse of traditional chemical and synthetic cleaning agents (and antibiotics) in humans and animals is accelerating this crisis. Their effectiveness is continually reducing.

Probiotic and pathogenic bacteria both live in the microflora – the community of microorganisms found in any particular habitat. But traditional chemical and synthetic cleaning agents do not differentiate between them: when applied to the microflora, they indiscriminately kill 99.9% of both. Worse still, if just a single pathogenic bacterium is missed it can replicate back to the original mass. Sometimes in as little as twenty minutes.

The probiotics quickly become outnumbered and the opportunistic pathogens gain the upper hand. With no competition to stop them, the pathogens increase in numbers more quickly. They evolve, adapt and become ever stronger. They grow a protective shield (or biofilm) and develop resistance to the traditional cleaning agents (or antibiotics).

However, increasing the strength of the cleaning agents does not stop their progression into resistant super bugs. It just strengthens their resistance with every cycle, whilst reducing the effectiveness of the cleaning agents. This cycle is slowly destroying the environment’s natural equilibrium.

How Microbial Cleaning with Helpful Probiotic Bacteria Reduces Antimicrobial Resistance

The Ingenious care and cleaning ranges are packed with huge quantities of carefully selected, helpful probiotic bacteria. These probiotics are naturally sourced from plants and are non-mutative. This means that they will not develop resistance and transform into superbugs. They are completely safe for adults, children, animals and the environment. They inhibit the pathogenic bacteria and restore healthy microbial balance in a safe, natural and mechanical way:

All the bacteria in the microflora, whether helpful or harmful, need the same resources to thrive – food, space and oxygen. They also need warmth and time to work effectively. When huge quantities of probiotics are applied to the spaces where the pathogens thrive, a bio-competition for these resources – and for survival – begins.

The probiotics win the competition through sheer weight of numbers. They deprive the pathogens of their resources and consume them as a natural food source when they die. This safe, natural and mechanical process of bio-augmentation restores a healthy, natural ratio of helpful to harmful bacteria. Any remaining pathogens are inhibited and ineffective, which prevents them from causing infections.

With continued use the helpful bacteria in Ingenious Probiotics products build an increasingly healthier and stable microbial environment within the microbiome. This creates optimal ecological conditions and a healthy microbial balance that prevents bacterial infections from occurring.

The results are equally highly effective across all the Ingenious ranges – whether applied to hard or soft surfaces, animal hair and skin, or used in water. For example, DENAA+ Patient Bed Cleaner Spray and LUCAA+ Pet, LUCAA+ Equine and ANNAA+ Farming Wound Care Sprays are all proven to inhibit MRSA bacteria by 99%.

Contact us today and start safely reducing the pathogenic bacteria that are causing sickness and infections in your environments.